Top 10 Books for Dad this Christmas!

by |November 14, 2022

Looking for the perfect gift for Dad? Fear not, we are here to help! Whether it be Fiction, Crime, Memoirs, Cookbooks, and Non-Fiction, so many incredible books dropped in 2022, and many are perfect for the man in your life! Check out our recommendations for the Top 10 books to buy Dad for Christmas this year!

The Book of Roads & Kingdoms by Richard Fidler

The Book of Roads & Kingdoms is the story of the medieval wanderers who travelled out to the edges of the known world during Islam’s fabled Golden Age; an era when the caliphs of Baghdad presided over a dominion greater than the Roman Empire at its peak, stretching from North Africa to India.

Those who returned from these distant foreign lands wrote accounts of their adventures, both realistic and fantastical – tales of wonder and horror and delight.

Fidler expertly weaves together these beautiful and thrilling pictures of a dazzling lost world with the story of an empire’s rise and utterly devastating fall.

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The Fall of Númenor and Other Tales from the Second Age of Middle-earth by J. R. R. Tolkien, Brian Sibley (Editor), Alan Lee (Illustrator)

J.R.R. Tolkien famously described the Second Age of Middle-earth as a ‘dark age, and not very much of its history is (or need be) told’. And for many years readers would need to be content with the tantalizing glimpses of it found within the pages of The Lord of the Rings and its appendices, including the forging of the Rings of Power, the building of the Barad-dûr and the rise of Sauron.

Now, adhering to the timeline of ‘The Tale of Years’ in the appendices to The Lord of the Rings, editor Brian Sibley has assembled into one comprehensive volume a new chronicle of the Second Age of Middle-earth, told substantially in the words of J.R.R. Tolkien from the various published texts, with new illustrations in watercolour and pencil by the doyen of Tolkien art, Alan Lee.

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Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story by Bono

Bono – artist, activist and the lead singer of Irish rock band U2 – has written a memoir; honest and irreverent, intimate and profound, Surrender is the story of the remarkable life he’s lived, the challenges he’s faced and the friends and family who have shaped and sustained him.

Writing with candour, self-reflection, and humour, Bono opens the aperture on his life – and the family, friends and faith that have sustained, challenged and shaped him.

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Time Of My Life by Myf Warhurst

Myf Warhurst grew up with the music in her. In Time of My Life she shares funny, fabulous and occasionally fraught tales about growing up in a small country town with an unhealthy obsession with Countdown, then working in Australian radio and her experiences on the much-loved music quiz show Spicks & Specks.

She spills the backstage beans on work, fame, feminism, failure, love and success.

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Desert Star by Michael Connelly

LAPD detective Renee Ballard and Harry Bosch work together to hunt the killer who is Bosch’s ‘white whale’ – a man responsible for the murder of an entire family.

The two must put aside old resentments to work together again and close in on a dangerous killer.

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I Am NOT Fine, Thanks by Will Anderson

Wil Anderson uses his iconic dry humour to soothe the sting of the last few years-laughter is the best medicine, after all (or is it apple cider vinegar?).

Part memoir, part manifesto and all comedy, this is a book that will both make your every frustration feel heard and show you that there is plenty to hope for.

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Willowman by Inga Simpson

Set as the new short form of cricket began to gain prominence, Willowman is a love letter to the art and beauty of cricket and a meditation on the inner lives of certain kinds of men and women, for whom it is a way of life.

Award-winning author Inga Simpson writes exquisitely about a national sport you will never view the same way again.

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The Real Food Companion by Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans is a former chef and food critic, now a Tasmanian smallholder, food writer and food activist.

The Real Food Companion includes more than 200 recipes, with photography by Matthew’s long-time friend and collaborator, Alan Benson. It is the result of Matthew’s four decades as a writer, chef and farmer, and multiple years’ research. And its core mission is teaching readers how to ethically source, cook and eat real food.

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Freedom, Only Freedom by Behrouz Boochani, Moones Mansoubi (Editor), Omid Tofighian (Editor)

Over six years of imprisonment on Australia’s offshore migrant detention centre, the Kurdish Iranian journalist and writer Behrouz Boochani bore personal witness to the suffering and degradation inflicted on him and his fellow refugees.

In this book, his collected writings are combined with essays from experts that provide a moving, creative, and challenging account of not only one writer’s harrowing experience and inspiring resilience, but the wider structures of violence which hold thousands of human beings in a state of misery in migrant camps throughout the western hemisphere and beyond.

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The Battle of Long Tan by Peter FitzSimons

Peter FitzSimons tells the real story of this classic battle, revealing the horror, the bravery, the wins and the losses that faced our soldiers. He brings to life the personal stories, the events leading up to that memorable battle, and the political decisions made in the halls of power that sealed their fates. 

The Battle of Long Tan is an engrossing and powerful history that shows the costs of war never end.

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