Bestsellers: Emelia Jackson continues cookbook dominance, Jane Harper continues to climb

by |September 27, 2022
What have been the best performing books this week?

Welcome to our weekly segment where we break down the bestsellers for the last week on Booktopia, Australia’s local bookstore!

Want to know more what the latest trending books are? What are people actually reading? This is what the numbers are telling us!

You can also check out the latest trending books and bestsellers charts right here, and get access to the top performers for FictionNon-FictionChildrens and more!

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the top ten bestselling books of the week on Booktopia!

10. The Bullet That Missed

By: Richard Osman

Penguin UK

2nd straight week in the Bestseller Top 10!

9. Heartstrong

By: Ellidy Pullin

Hachette Australia

2nd straight week in the Bestseller Top 10!

8. The Guy Who Decides

By: Jimmy Rees

Affirm Press

*signed copies available

7. The Myth of Normal

By: Gabor MatΓ©

Random House UK

2nd straight week in the Bestseller Top 10!

6. Time of My Life

By: Myf Warhurst

Hachette Australia

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5. Life: What Nat to Do

By: Nat’s What I Reckon

Penguin Books Australia

4. The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

By: Emma Carey

Allen & Unwin

7th straight week in the Bestseller Top 10!

3. Money Magnet

By: Steve McKnight

John Wiley & Sons Australia

2. Exiles

By: Jane Harper

Pan Macmillan Australia

4th straight week in the Bestseller Top 10!

1. First, Cream the Butter and Sugar

By: Emelia Jackson

Murdoch Books

*signed copies available

*Signed copies available strictly while stocks last.

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