Learning To Read With The School Of Monsters by Sally Rippin

by |July 12, 2022

“Hello, you! Oh, please don’t look
inside the pages of this book!
Turn around and quickly run…
The School of Monsters has begun!”

Learning to read can be hard for some children.

Some seem to pick it up with almost no instruction, while others may struggle for years. The School of Monsters series was designed to make reading feel fun and accessible while introducing kids to some of the new words they might come across while learning to read in school.
I like to think of this series as being used in three stages: Read Aloud, Read Along and Read Alone.

At first, kids will simply enjoy having the rhyming stories read aloud to them while they pore over the beautiful illustrations by our fabulous illustrator, Chris Kennett. Next, they can be encouraged to look at the highlighted words at the end of each sentence and see if they can sound out any for themselves. Lastly, my hope is that kids will want to go back to these books again and again until they can read them confidently – and proudly – on their own. The stories build up in complexity across the series, both in vocabulary and rhyming structure, but all of them are written with the aim of putting fun first.

All the little monsters in the School of Monsters are going through many of the same experiences children will face when they first start school themselves: making friends, learning lessons, and, most importantly, discovering strengths and overcoming challenges.

So far, there are ten little monsters in this series, and they all get the chance to star in their own story. As each monster faces challenges and learns new skills, they always have the unwavering support of all their classmates, Teacher Ted, and even the rest of the school staff: Cook, the gardener, and the School Principal, too.

The School of Monsters is full of silliness, spookiness, and even some not-so-pleasant smells. But most of all, like everything I write, I aim to ensure it’s full of heart.

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Sally Rippin is Australia’s highest-selling female author and has written more than 50 books for children and young adults. Her widely popular Billie B Brown books are beloved across the globe and have sold more than five million copies in eighteen countries. She loves to write stories with heart and characters that resonate with children, parents, and teachers alike.

Learning To Read With The School Of Monsters by Sally Rippinby Sally Rippin

Learning To Read With The School Of Monsters by Sally Rippin

by Sally Rippin

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