Amy in Romancelandia #14: Cosy, rural and queer romance reads

by |June 8, 2021
Amy in Romancelandia - romance reads

Hello lovelies and welcome back to Romancelandia where it’s suddenly June. When did that happen? And hello, it’s getting cold in here … Never fear, we are the snowed-in-by-a-blazing-fire-with-your-arch-nemesis-slash-best-friends-older-brother-slash-secret-prince-slash-oh-no-the-power-went-out-and-there’s-only-one-bed kind of place! Yep, bring the red wine and the marshmallows, put on some Bruno Mars and prepare for things to get steamy with these new romance reads.

This month I bring you a bunch of new Aussie romances out on the market as well as a couple from overseas for you to snuggle with under the covers. As always, if you see anything you like, just click on the cover to check them out!

Australian Romance Authors

For lovers of rural romance reads!

The Vet From Snowy River

by Stella Quinn

9781867225591 - romance reads

Vera De Rossi no longer believes in love … And thanks to her ex-boyfriend she’s also broke, jobless, and staring down the barrel of a court case that could land her in prison. Turning to her talent for baking, Vera opens a café in Hanrahan, a cosy tourist town in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains.

Josh Cody, once Hanrahan’s golden boy, escaped sixteen years ago with gossip hard on his heels and a pregnant girlfriend in tow. Now he’s back: a qualified veterinarian – and a single dad with a lot to prove. A new start and a grumpy teenage daughter … it’s a lot to juggle, and there’s no room in his life for further complications. But that’s before he walks into The Billy Button Cafe and meets its prickly owner …

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Magpie’s Bend

by Maya Linnell

9781760877330 - romance reads

Bush nurse Lara McIntyre and journalist Toby Paxton are thrust into the limelight when an accident puts the beating heart of their community in jeopardy. The small country town of Bridgefield can’t manage without their general store and post office, but Lara can’t stomach the idea of out-of-town buyers revamping it with no regard for what the residents want or need. She’s also unsure about where Toby’s allegiances lie in this fight.

Loyalties are put to the test as the locals attempt to save the shop, with personal agendas, old grudges and misunderstandings threatening their best efforts.

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For lovers of cosy mystery romance reads (appropriate given the chill factor!).

Digging Up Dirt

by Pamela Hart

9781867201878 - romance reads

When your builder finds bones under the floor of your heritage home, what do you do? For TV researcher Poppy McGowan, the first step is to find out if the bones are human (which means calling in the cops and delaying her renovations) or animal (which doesn’t).

Unfortunately, ‘help’ comes in the form of Dr Julieanne Weaver, archaeologist, political hopeful, and Poppy’s old enemy. She declares the bones evidence of a rare breed of fat-tailed sheep, and slaps a heritage order on the site. The resultant archaeological dig introduces Poppy to Tol Lang, the best-looking archaeologist she’s ever met – and also Julieanne’s boyfriend.

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Sisters of the Resistance

by Christine Wells


Paris, 1944: The war is nearly over, but for members of the Resistance in occupied France, it is more dangerous than ever before. Twenty-five-year-old Gabby Foucher loathes the Nazis, though as the concierge of 10 rue Royale, she does her best to avoid conflict—unlike her bolder sister Yvette, who finds trouble at every turn.

Then they are both recruited into the Resistance by Catherine Dior and swept into a treacherous world of spies, fugitives, and intrigue. While Gabby risks everything for the man she is hiding from the Nazis, Yvette must decide whether to trust an enigmatic diplomat who seems to have guessed her secret.

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The Night that Changed Everything

by Helen Lacey


Winona Sheehan and Grant Culhane have been BFF’s since childhood. So when Winona’s sort-of-boyfriend ditches their ill-advised Vegas wedding, Grant is there … with his sexy smiles and way too much consolation!

Suddenly, Winona trades one groom for another — and Grant’s baby is on the way. With buddy-boundaries crossed and a years-long secret crush fulfilled, Winona wonders if her husband is ready for a family…or firmly in the friend zone.

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International Romance Authors

Two fab overseas offerings as we celebrate Pride month!

How to Find a Princess

by Alyssa Cole


Makeda Hicks has lost her job and her girlfriend in one fell swoop. The last thing she’s in the mood for is to rehash the story of her grandmother’s infamous summer fling with a runaway prince from Ibarania, or the investigator from the World Federation of Monarchies tasked with searching for Ibarania’s missing heir.

Yet when Beznaria Chetchevaliere crashes into her life, the sleek and sexy investigator exudes exactly the kind of chaos that organized and efficient Makeda finds irresistible, even if Bez is determined to drag her into a world of royal duty Makeda wants nothing to do with.

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One Last Stop

by Casey McQuiston


For cynical twenty-three-year-old August, moving to New York City is supposed to prove her right: that things like magic and cinematic love stories don’t exist, and the only smart way to go through life is alone. She can’t imagine how waiting tables at a 24-hour pancake diner and moving in with too many weird roommates could possibly change that. And there’s certainly no chance of her subway commute being anything more than a daily trudge through boredom and electrical failures.

But then, there’s this gorgeous girl on the train. Jane. Dazzling, charming, mysterious, impossible Jane. Jane with her rough edges and swoopy hair and soft smile, showing up in a leather jacket to save August’s day when she needed it most.

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Amy’s Favourite of the Month!

As an extra treat each month, I recommend one of my fave reads/authors to you. This month it’s prolific romance author Anne McAllister who was born in California, lived most of her life in Iowa but now calls Montana home. Consequently, let me tell you, Anne can write one helluva cowboy!

She’s written for various Harlequin lines over the years and still does as well as for Tule Publishing. The thing I adore about Anne’s books is how honourable her heroes are and how every word is so beautifully placed. Also, and this is important, Anne’s books are just so damn romantic. I never fail to get that happy sigh (the reason I read and write romance) at the end of one of her books.

Simply put, Anne knocks romance out of the park.

I recently read The Cowboy Crashes A Wedding which I adored and that is the book I am recommending today if you want to check out Anne and I really hope you do. If you are a romance lover, you won’t be disappointed.


Mr. No Commitments. Well, that’s not entirely true. Cash Callahan has been committed to his rodeo bronc-riding career for years. But get married? No way. Cash isn’t opposed to marriage for other people. It’s just not for him—or for his long-time girl, Milly Malone—the one planning to marry another man. What on earth is she thinking?

Milly waited five years for Cash to pop the question. She’s given him enough rope to knit an interstate highway—and he keeps traveling right on down it. So she’s got a new beau, a wedding on Saturday, and no footloose, commitment-shy cowboy is going to mess things up.

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And that’s June! Until we meet again next month – happy reading ☺

Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews

About Amy

Amy Andrews is an award-winning, USA Today best-selling Aussie author who has written eighty plus contemporary romances in both the traditional and digital markets.

She’s sold three million books and been translated into over a dozen languages including manga. She has won three Ruby awards and is a triple RITA finalist.

In her other life, she was a paediatric intensive care nurse for twenty-one years. Amy lives near the sea with her husband of thirty years.

romance reads romance reads romance reads romance reads

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