Dear Parents: Our Guide to the Best (and Easiest) Costumes for Book Week 2020

by |October 1, 2020
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CBCA Book Week 2020 is fast approaching, taking place this year between the 17th and the 23rd of October, which means book parades and costume time! Parents, we know all too well the pain of trying to make a costume at the last minute, so we’ve teamed up with the costume experts from The Party People to bring you this simple guide to the best costumes for Book Week 2020. 

Where is the Green Sheep? 

Start with green face makeup and hairspray and a green shirt or jumper – you can stuff the shirt with paper or garbage bags to make it puffy, or glue cotton wool balls over it if you’re feeling adventurous! Complete the look with green socks and stockings for arms and legs, and a sheep mask that your kids can have fun colouring. 

Thelma the Unicorn

Start with pink face paint and some biodegradable glitter (be sure to use an adhesive that’s safe your skin type), and then the fun part – attach a carrot to a headband (or buy a unicorn horn if that’s easier – we don’t judge)! You can use silver streamers or pompoms for the tail and mane, and pink tights or stockings to complete the look. 

Macca the Alpaca

Dress all white with black shoes & socks. Paint your face white, and draw yourself an Alpaca nose using grey or black face paint. For extra effect you can also spray your hair white, and stick cotton balls all over your clothes. Complete the look with strands of white knitting wool for a tail, and shaped black cardboard stuck to a headband for ears.

Claris: The Chicest Mouse in Paris

Pink clothes plus a tutu, and complete your mouse look with some white face paint, and cardboard ears stuck to a headband (you can also buy these if that’s easier). You can use eyeliner or a face paint pencil to draw on whiskers, and a little pink handbag would be a nice detail!

Cat In the Hat

You could just buy a costume for this super popular character, but why not DIY? Dress in all black with a large white paper oval for the chest. Add a red bowtie, get yourself a tall hat and you’re all set! 

Thing 1 and 2

Again, you could either buy or DIY! Dress in all red and either spray your hair blue or get a blue wig. Then cut out a white paper circle, write Thing 1 on it and attach to the shirt. Will work even better if you have a friend to go as Thing 2!

Emma Wiggle

Do we even need to tell you? Yellow and black outfit, with a tutu, and of course it wouldn’t be Emma without the big yellow hair bow! 

The Bad Guys

A black suit and white shirt is the core of this costume. You can then either buy an animal mask that matches your favourite Bad Guy, or make your own using a paper plate! 


Matilda simply wears a blue dress, and you can complete the look with a red or orange hair bow. 

Willy Wonka

A yellow shirt, dark coat and green trousers are the base. Accessorise with a bow tie and a cane, and you can even add a chocolate bar with a little gold foil sticking out for a golden ticket effect! 


A loose white shirt, a brown vest and some trousers that show the ankles (he’s a giant, remember). Complete the look with old shoes with no socks.

The 13-Storey Tree House

Andy and Terry costumes are easy! All you need is a black and blue shirt as well as some black pants. If you wanted to make it more obvious who the characters are you could get iron on letters to add names or initials.

Where’s Wally?

Wally can be done using light coloured pants or blue jeans, a striped red shirt, a cane and some thick frame glasses, preferably black. And then complete the look by just blending into the scenery.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is by far the most popular costume for Book Week. You can make it yourself with a black cape over a white shirt, old school tie, wand and some glasses. You can even print out the Gryffindor crest online to add to the cape!

Morrigan Crow

All you need is a back dress to get the core look. You can accessorise with a black or red umbrella, and a red headband or bow.

Wolf Girl

Another really simple one, which you can easily put together using what you have at home. A black t-shirt, black jeans, a hoodie and a backpack. Done!

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

A plain white shirt, black shorts, white socks (the longer the better) black shoes and a black backpack. You could also make a mask by printing a copy of the character’s face from the internet, pasting it onto cardboard, and add a paddle pop stick to make it easy to hold. 

Funny Kid

All you need is a red and white striped shirt and light blue coloured pants (or blue jeans). This is also the base for the Wally costume, so you could even do both with the right accessories!

There you have it! We hope you’ve found some Book Week 2020 costume inspiration, or at least some last minute tips and tricks to help!

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