Deborah Abela on how climate change inspired her latest book, Final Storm!

by |August 9, 2019
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Deborah Abela is the author of twenty-six books for kids, including Max Remy Superspy and Jasper Zammit (Soccer Legend). Her latest series is about a group of kids living in a climate-changed world and includes the books Grimsdon, New City and now Final Storm, the latest book in the series.

Deborah is passionate about climate change, so today she’s on the blog to talk about sustainability and what we can do to be more eco-conscious!

Deborah Abela

Deborah Abela

I’ve been cranky about the health of our planet for a while. So cranky, I wrote a children’s novel called Grimsdon, about kids living in a flooded city with sea monsters, flying machines and girls who are good with swords. What followed was a flood of cranky emails from kids, pleading with me to write another, which became New City. When the cranky emails continued, I relented and wrote Final Storm.

It’s hard not to be concerned about the planet….we should be! But it can be scary talking about the challenges we face, especially for kids, so we also need to talk about the many clever and creative ways humans are working to save the planet…and there are some doozies to share.

Mooo! Stop those cow farts!

Cow farts contain methane, a greenhouse gas which has a major effect on the atmosphere. One solution is for humans to eat less meat, but it’s also been suggested that feeding cows garlic, onions and seaweed, will cut the methane from their farts! A team of scientists in North Queensland fed cows red algae, which reduced methane by 99 percent! Some farmers are even attaching fart-catching backpacks to cows.

Solar-powered bikini anyone?

Other inventions include solar-powered bikinis, floating homes and seed bombs dropped from planes to plant forests, new technology to rebuild coral reefs and biodegradable plastics made from plants. Exciting, huh?

Want more?

Project Drawdown is an organisation of scientists, business leaders and policymakers who have compiled 100 solutions to reverse climate change. You’ll find solar-tiled highways, rooftop miniature ecosystems, kelp forests and more.

But what can you and I do today? Loads!

Plant trees

Gardening superstar Costa Georgiadis chats here about planting a trillion trees to combat climate change, and you can support organisations that do that too, like Trillion Trees.

Send Girls to School

Educating girls improves their health, wealth and opportunities to support their families and communities sustainably. Room to Read is a literacy charity which has improved the lives of 18 million kids, but we can do more.

Worm Poo and Other Good Stuff

We can insulate our homes, use solar panels, take public transport, walk or cycle, reduce, recycle, reuse, consume less and, if you’re old enough, vote for those in government who feel the same way. Have a worm farm or compost bin at home, school or in the office to reduce food waste and feed your garden.

Get Active

As well as riding that bike, we can be more like Greta Thunberg, a teenager who was so cranky about climate change she sat outside the Swedish parliament every Friday for MONTHS and sparked an international kids’ strike to demand action on climate change. And she’s just one person!

Talking about climate change can be scary for kids, (and adults) but that needn’t stop us doing something about it. We should also be excited about the clever humans who are doing something about it. And even though a solar-powered bikini might not be for you, we can all find a way to join in.

Final Stormby Deborah Abela

Final Storm

by Deborah Abela

Life is good for Isabella, Griffin and their friends. They’ve settled into New City, enrolled in school and are making new friends, including the charming and talented Aleksander Larson.

But the city is facing a new threat – weather patterns are becoming erratic and fierce ice storms batter the city. The Bureau of Weather has been failing to predict these deadly blizzards, lives are in danger and unrest is spreading.

When someone from Isabella’s past returns, loyalties are tested. Who is watching her from the shadows? Is there more to the ice storms than a broken planet? And can Isabella and Griffin’s friendship survive this furious final storm?...

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