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by |July 19, 2019
Good Girl, Bad Girl

Michael Robotham has steadily made a name for himself as one of Australia’s premier crime and thriller writers. He’s the author of the wildly successful Joseph O’Loughlin series and standalone books such as The Secrets She Keeps (which is currently being made into a TV series), but now Michael Robotham is starting afresh with a brand new series.

Good Girl, Bad Girl is the first book in a psychological thriller series centred on forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven (whom eagle-eyed readers might have spotted in The Secrets She Keeps) and Evie Cormac, a troubled young teenager who was found hiding at the scene of a horrific crime six years ago.

Michael came in to Booktopia’s offices earlier this week to sign some copies of Good Girl, Bad Girl and to sit down for a podcast with Sarah McDuling and Ben Hunter. In it, he explains his decision to start a series with entirely new characters, a move which meant temporarily setting aside fan-favourite character Joe O’Loughlin (a psychologist who battles Parkinson’s disease).

“There’s a limit to what I can do with Joe physically and so I did want to start with a fresh character. I thought Cyrus had that wonderful vulnerability,” says Michael.

Good Girl, Bad Girl

Cyrus faces quite a unique set of challenges in this book, and chief among them is Evie. Evie has been subjected to unimaginable traumas that she refuses to speak about, and she is possessed of the rare ability to be able to tell when a person is lying. Paradoxically, she is also a compulsive liar. When Cyrus is called upon to assess Evie in the course of investigating a murder, she manages to complicate the case (and Cyrus’ world) in ways that he never thought possible.

It’s a fantastic story, the kind that Michael Robotham has perfected the art of writing. For him, creating uniquely compelling characters is the key to making a great thriller stand out. It doesn’t matter if the reader can pick the killer from the beginning, as long as the writing and the characters hold up.

“There’s very little that hasn’t been written before,” he says. “The trick is to create compelling characters that readers like and then put them in jeopardy… that is the trick to creating tension and suspense.”

Good Girl, Bad Girl will be released on 23 July – you can pre-order yourself a signed copy here (while stocks last!) and scroll down to listen to our podcast with Michael!

Good Girl, Bad Girlby Michael Robotham

Good Girl, Bad Girl

by Michael Robotham

The girl with no past.

Six years ago, Evie Cormac was discovered, filthy and half-starved, hiding in a secret room in the aftermath of a shocking crime. Now approaching adulthood, Evie is damaged, self-destructive and has never revealed her true identity.

The boy who survived.

Forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven, a man haunted by his own past, is investigating the death of champion figure-skater Jodie Sheehan. When Cyrus is called upon to assess Evie, she threatens to disrupt the case and destroy his ordered life.

Because Evie has a unique and dangerous gift - she knows when someone is lying. And nobody is telling the truth.

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