Plugged and Unplanned: Steve Sammartino Part 2

by |November 5, 2018

Plugged and Unplanned: Steve Sammartino Part 2

This week on the Plugged and Unplanned Podcast we have Part 2 of Tony Nash’s interview with futurist and author Steve Sammartino.

This week Tony and Steve discuss how the biggest barrier to success is often the fear of failure – there is too much focus on immediate success when the road to success is littered with mistakes and missteps.

Also this week Steve and Tony discuss how adopting a systems thinking approach is important for not only your own success but it is an integral skill to teach your children so that they see the bigger picture.

Check out these and other exciting topics is Part Two of Plugged and Unplanned: Steve Sammartino.

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The Lessons School Forgotby Steve Sammartino

The Lessons School Forgot

by Steve Sammartino

Public school was literally designed by and for wealthy industrialists at the dawn of the industrial revolution. The first free public schools were even funded by them and designed for them. The core objective of school was to train illiterate farmers sons and daughters the three R’s (Writing Reading & Arithmetic) so that they could become compliant industrial factory workers

Now that we have exited the Industrial age and entered the digital age, what we are learning, or learned at school leaves us entirely unprepared. The lessons school forget will drop some truth bombs about life, the stuff they didn’t tell you because, let’s be honest school wasn’t really designed for you. It will show you how our minds have been shaped from a young age to be ‘followers’ at a time when we need leadership and creativty. It will teach readers the truth about the economic system we live in, in very simple terms. Terms that everyone can understand – regardless of education levels. It will introduce the readers to The new three R’s

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