BOOK NEWS: Narnia, Aussie Crime and Tim Winton!

by |October 11, 2018

What has been happening lately in the world of books lately? Here are some things!

The Chronicles of Narnia series is coming to screens … again!?

No you do not have déjà vu. Narnia is getting another screen adaptation!

Netflix has announced plans to develop C. S. Lewis’ famous and much-beloved Narnia books as a new TV series. This is the first time that the rights to all seven books in the series have been held by the same company, which means we can expect Netflix to adapt the entire series – provided it is well received by viewers. In fact, there are rumours that multiple different Narnia-based series and films are planned for future development.

It may seem a little soon to fans of the most recent film series, however, the last Narnia Film – Voyage of the Dawn Treader – was released way back in 2010. Given the current penchant for rebooting series every 5 years,  are we perhaps overdue for a new Narnia adaption?

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Australian Crime novels continue to be in high demand overseas

Australian Author Benjamin Stevenson’s debut novel, Greenlight, has jubeen sold into North America and the UK.

The international appetite for Australian crime fiction shows no sign of slowing down. Authors like Jane Harper, Sarah Bailey, Emma Viskic, Chris Hammer and Christian White have all sold international rights for their debut crime novels. Emma Viskic’s Resurrection Bay is shortlisted for a CWA Gold Dagger award this year – the UK’s most prestigious award for crime fiction in the UK. Last year, this award was won by Jane Harper for The Dry. Jane Harper also won the Best First Mystery Novel at the Barry Awards in America earlier this year for The Dry.

In summation: Australian Crime Fiction = so hot right now!

The Riders by Tim Winton to be adapted as a film

With filming about to begin for the upcoming adaptation of Tim Winton’s Dirt Music, we now we have another Tim Winton film adaptation to look forward to!

The Riders was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 1995 and will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the was the first Tim Winton novel that I ever read. I am in love with the idea of seeing Scully and Billie on the big screen. The news of this adaptation is the perfect excuse I need to re-read The Riders as soon as possible!

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