Indigenous Literacy Day 2018

by |September 5, 2018

Today is Indigenous Literacy Day – a national celebration of Indigenous cultures, stories, language and literacy!

This is a day to gift literacy, a day to recognise the power of books to change lives and give people choices. Schools, booksellers, publishers, libraries, businesses, organisations and individuals can participate through donations, fundraising events, storytelling sessions and advocating for The Indigenous Literacy Foundation on social media.

“Through activities on the day, we focus our attention on the disadvantages experienced in remote communities and encourage the rest of Australia to raise funds and advocate for more equal access to literacy resources for remote communities.” – The Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation was founded in 2004 when the Riverbend Readers Challenge gifted 120 books to three communities with the goal of increasing literacy. In 2011 they became The Indigenous Literacy Foundation, supported by the Fred Hollows Foundation

Donations to The Indigenous Literacy Foundation help to ensure kids in remote areas have access to quality new books. Donate here.

“All evidence tells us that literacy is the pathway to CHOICE … and BOOKS are the building blocks for literacy.” – The Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

This year, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation hopes to reach a milestone by raising $300,000 to buy 30,000 new and culturally appropriate books for children in some of the most remote areas of the country. Throughout the month of September, we encourage everyone to support and celebrate Indigenous literacy, because all kids in Australia deserve to have the same opportunities – in education, employment, health and well being.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation today!

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