7 Funny Picture Books for Kids who love Pig the Pug!

by |July 25, 2018

This collection of funny, animal-themed picture books is perfect for kids who love the crazy antics of Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey!

This list of picture books is full of hilarious animal characters ideal for keeping kids (and parents) entertained.  Kids who love Pig will giggle all the way through his latest adventure Pig the Grub – in which Pig attempts to avoid taking a bath.

From alpacas with maracas and vising sloths through to rhyming frogs and 365 penguins, these books are bound to bring a smile to your face (whether you’re a kid or an adult!)

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Pig the Grub
By Aaron Blabey

Eww! What a stinker!

Pig isn’t just the worlds greediest Pug, hes the DIRTIEST too.

It’s high time he had a bath! But try telling Pig that . . .

Over two million Pig books are now in print around the world!

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Alpacas with Maracas
by Matt Cosgrove

Macca and pal Al are the best of friends and LOVE spending time together.

When there is an opportunity to enter a talent contest, they just can’t resist.

But what will their act be? Will they shimmy and shake? Dance and prance? Whatever they choose it will surely be a performance to remember!

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The Sloth who came to Stay
by Margaret Wild & Vivienne To

A wryly amusing story about a fast family who are taught to slow down when an adorable sloth comes to stay by the award-winning author of Fox and Ruby Roars.

Amy’s family is speedy! They are always in such a rush that there is no time to talk or play – until the afternoon Amy brings home a sloth. Then things start changing very, very slowly …

A timely tale about enjoying the little things in life from award-winning author Margaret Wild.

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The Cat Wants Custard
by P. Crumble and Lucinda Gifford

Meet Kevin, the opinionated feline who is full of cat-titude. Kevin has a craving. He wants custard, and he wants it NOW!

Follow the hilarious antics of a cat trying to get its human companion to give him what he wants, including using his own body to spell the word CUSTARD! Will he succeed? A brilliantly funny picture book treat.

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Oi Frog!
by Kes Gray and Jim Field

From the award-winning Kes Gray and the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Jim Field, comes an hilarious rhyming tale about a frog who discovers that all animals have their special places to sit!

Cats sit on mats, hares sit on chairs, mules sit on stools and gofers sit on sofas, but Frog does not want to sit on a log! Jam-packed with animals and silliness, this original rhyming story will have young children in fits of laughter.

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Tiger’s Roar
by Alex Rance & Shane McG

An inspiring and hilarious picture book about a Tiger who wants to be his best. A celebration of self-belief, perseverance and teamwork by 2017 AFL Premiership player, Alex Rance, and talented children’s book illustrator, Shane McG.

Tiger was the champion of all the jungle. He was strong and bold and proud, and he sat at the top of the very tallest tree.

But one day the winds blew, the birds shrieked, the tree shook, and…Tiger fell all the way down to the mud at the bottom of the tree, and bumped his head on a rock.

What will it take for Tiger to be able to climb back to the top of the tree?

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356 Penguins
by Jean Luc Fromental & Joelle Jolivet

The penguins are back, in a new format and with a fresh new cover! The family in 365 Penguins finds a penguin mysteriously delivered to their door every day for a year. At first they’re cute, but with every passing day, the penguins pile up—along with the family’s problems. Feeding, cleaning, and housing the penguins becomes a monumental task. They’re noisy and smelly, and they always hog the bathroom! And who on earth is sending these kwak-ing critters? Bright, striking illustrations with lots of opportunity for counting (and lots of laughs), 365 Penguins has become a perennial wintertime favorite since it first came out in 2006.

A hugely entertaining picture book about teamwork and never giving up.

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Pig the Grubby Aaron Blabey

Pig the Grub

by Aaron Blabey

Eww! What a stinker!

Pig isn't just the worlds greediest Pug, hes the DIRTIEST too.

It's high time he had a bath! But try telling Pig that . . .

Over two million Pig books are now in print around the world!

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