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by |June 5, 2018


Get your Spitfire, Imperial Death Star or U.S.S. Enterprise flying again with Haynes’ Owners’ Workshop manuals
Review by That Metal Man

Haynes manuals are synonymous with automotive and motorcycle repairs and maintenance, having sold a staggering 150 million manuals worldwide. From BMW to Volvo, Falcon to Torana and everything in between, every manual oozes with detail and insight.

What you may not know is, there’s a Haynes Workshop Manual to help you get that Imperial Death Star (the one sitting at the bottom of the back paddock) back into orbit. Or perhaps you’re part of the Rebel Alliance and prefer flying Corellian Freighters such as the Millenium Falcon? Yep, there’s a Haynes Workshop Manual for that too.

Or how about that rusted 1936 Spitfire you bought in an online auction, the one you’ve been bragging to your mates about? Written by ex-RAF officers, this specialist manual is as much about restoration as it is about Spitfire admiration. Booktopia also stocks the Messerschmitt BF109 1935 on Owners’ Workshop Manual, amongst many other Haynes military-related workshop manuals.

Rather fight your battles at ground level? Finally, the Haynes Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank Workshop Manual will get your tank restoration back on track (no pun). Illustrated with more than 280 photographs and technical drawings with full cooperation of the world-famous Tank Museum. And of course, Haynes hasn’t forgotten about the Tiger Tank, the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger.


If deep space exploration is more your thing, Haynes has a U.S.S. Enterprise Workshop Manual covering NX-01, NCC-1701, NCC-1701-A through to E. It’s rumoured that Captain Picard slept with this manual by his bedside. Never suffer another warp-core breach again.

Maybe you’re a MARVEL comics fan and simply must know the inner workings of some of the iconic vehicles from the Marvel comics universe? In-depth tech info covering Spider Man’s custom beach buggy, the X-Men’s supersonic jet, the Blackbird, and plenty others are all included in the Haynes’ MARVEL Vehicles Owner’s Workshop Manual.

But, Haynes manuals aren’t all about machinery, warp cores and engine grease.

Booktopia now has the gift for the enterprising family who has it all: the Haynes’ Zombie Survival Manual helps get your family’s compound Zombie-proof – and fast! Get qualified, get certified! There’s also a transport guide to get your vehicles Zombie-safe!

While you’re in Zombie hell, you better learn how to keep your errant teenagers on the right track with the Haynes Owners’ Workshop Manual explaining Teenagers. And, thankfully, your marriage will survive, too, with the Haynes Explains Marriage Manual. Babies born during the Zombie apocalypse are in with a fighting chance because you’ll be armed with Haynes Explains Babies, and your skills later in life, post-apocalypse, are also covered in the Haynes Explains Pensioners. Phew!


Finally, after you’ve launched your Spitfire, commissioned your Death Star, discovered strange new worlds in your Enterprise NCC-1701D, and survived the Zombie-Teenager-Pensioner onslaught, you’ll kick back and enjoy well informed beer thanks to the Haynes’ Beer Enthusiasts’ Manual, covering beer from 7,000 BC onwards (all flavours). Home brewing, beer appreciation and matching food with beer – all covered and well illustrated, as is the case with every spectacular, and always reliable, Haynes purchase you make.

Booktopia stocks a broad range of Haynes manuals ready to ship, or can order any one of the more specialised titles from across the entire Haynes range. Break out the socket set and power grinder – it’s time to get cracking!

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