Peter FitzSimons: The Australians didn’t back off.

by |May 14, 2018

He’s Australia’s favourite storyteller for a reason. Former rugby union player, journalist, and radio and TV presenter, it’s Peter’s work as an author that delights and enthrals his reading fans time and time again. This time Peter tackles the story of Sir John Monash, a name that is very familiar to many Australians. Many young Australians have attended Monash University. Many more have visited the Sir John Monash Centre. He is remembered even today – a hundred years after the Battle of Le Hamel.

“He’s one of those people who most Australians who have been here a fair while recognise the name Monash,” says Peter. “He was a brilliant engineer.”

Peter’s book takes us back to 1918 to the Battle of Le Hamel, which was an Allied triumph. It was during this battle that Monash lead a predominantly Australian force into what is described as the first modern battle – where infantry, tanks, artillery and planes operated together as a coordinated force.

Sounds like common sense, right? It wasn’t always.

He was a man of great vision, great foresight.” – Peter

A brilliant leader of men, Monash’s meticulously detailed plan left nothing to chance. He planned for the battle to last for 90 minutes – in the end it went for 93. The man, the battle and this triumph are all covered by FitzSimons in his latest must-read.

Listen to Peter’s full interview  here:

Monash's Masterpieceby Peter FitzSimons

Monash's Masterpiece

by Peter FitzSimons

The Battle of Le Hamel on 4 July 1918 was an Allied triumph, and strategically very important in the closing stages of WWI. A largely Australian force, commanded by the brilliant Sir John Monash, fought what has been described as the first modern battle - where infantry, tanks, artillery and planes operated together as a coordinated force.

Peter FitzSimons brings this Allied triumph to life, and tells this magnificent story as it should be told.

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