Kerri Sackville: My book is a zombie survival guide.

by |April 20, 2018

Kerri Sackville Out There

At some point in our lives, it’s more than likely we’re going to find ourselves on the other side of heartbreak. Relationships end. Wine and chocolate are consumed. Mistakes are made. Then, one day, we are ready to get back out there and find our next special someone.

Easier said than done.

When Kerri Sackville – author, columnist and mother – made that decision to get herself back out there after a long marriage, she made every mistake known to woman kind. Enter her new book: Out There: A Survival Guide for Dating in Midlife.

“I put all of my experiences in a book so other people can learn from my catastrophes,” says Kerri. “I was completely out of practice and had to go back to basics to learn what to look for.”

Kerri wants her readers to remember one thing: the most important part of dating is to look after yourself. With online dating the way it is now, Kerri faced some new and unexpected challenges – ones that the younger generations tackle with experience. All might be well and good for the young people who choose to online date… but what about starting over as a middle-aged woman?

*stares confusedly at Tinder profile*

Kerri Sackville Out There

“The online dating world has changed the face of relationships,” says Kerri, speaking about how online dating has created a disposable dating culture, where people often lose sight of what they’re looking for and how to find it. Plus, the world has now opened up to a range of people you may never have met before, thanks to social media.

Still, after all the missteps and confusion, Kerri reminds her readers to enjoy the process, as there’s a lot of fun to be had. Out There is the essential book for any woman jumping on the rollercoaster of midlife dating, so swipe right on Out There, and enjoy the ride!

Listen to Kerri’s full interview with Booktopia below:

Out Thereby Kerri Sackville

Out There

A survival guide for dating in midlife

by Kerri Sackville

When Keri Sackville began dating again after a long marriage, she made every mistake known to woman kind.

Out There is the essential book for any woman jumping on the rollercoaster of midlife dating. Kerri may not be able to find you the man of your dreams, but she will help you survive the ride with your dignity and sanity intact. And you will definitely laugh a lot along the way. Swipe right on Out There, and enjoy the ride!

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