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by |August 17, 2017

Is dad a motor enthusiast? Does he spend hours in the garage tinkering with old cars or bikes? Does the sound of a running engine get him excited? Then he may be obsessed. Feed his obsession with any of the books below. You’ll be loved forever.

Order any of the books below, or any products from the Father’s Day Gift Guide by August 23rd, and you could win a book pack worth $700 RRP!

Dream Cars
Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas
by Sarah Schleuning, Ken Gross

Dream Cars presents eighteen concept cars built between 1933 and 2001, each revealing the progress and possibility of automobile engineering. The ever-evolving world of car design is marked by innovation and style, and this book explores how visionary designs influence the automotive industry and challenge notions of what is possible, both aesthetically and technologically… Learn more.

Epic Drives of the WorldEpic Drives of the World
by Lonely Planet

Buckle up for the next installment in our ‘Epic’ series and the follow-up to Epic Bike Rides of the World. Epic Drives of the World, a beautiful hardback, showcases 50 of the greatest road trips on Earth, from classic routes in America, Australia and Europe, to incredible adventures in Asia and Africa.

Organised by continent, each route features a first-hand account, awe-inspiring photographs, illustrated maps and practical advice on when to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to eat. From Hawaii’s Hana Highway and Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Road, to Utah’s National Park Circuit and Germany’s Black Forest High Road, Epic Drives of the World will inspire any motorist to hit the open road… Learn more. 

The Art of BMWThe Art of BMW:
90 Years of Motorcycle Excellence

The Art of BMW is the ultimate visual guide to almost a century of motorcycle excellence from BMW.

Fully illustrated with Henry Von Wartenburg’s stunning studio portraiture, and accompanied by concise, authoritative profiles of each machine, The Art of BMW takes stock of the rolling sculpture produced by one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers in the year of their 90th anniversary.

All the classic bikes are here, from machines like the R5 that defined performance in the pre-World War II era, to the array of military machines that carried… Learn more.

Top MuscleTop Muscle:
Rarest Cars from America’s Fastest Decade

In Top Muscle, author Darwin Holmstrom and photographer Randy Leffingwell explore the ultimate collection of the most valuable collector cars in existence, with fascinating histories that illuminate the wildest age in American automotive history. A muscle-car book unlike any other, featuring the rarest vehicles on Earth.

In the 1960s, something explosive happened in the automotive world: the United States’ evolving V-8 engine technology was met by 75 million baby boomers, all with an extreme need for speed and all entering… Learn more.

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Book and The Classic Cars Book.

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