5 Books Inspired by Sir Winston Churchill’s Wit, Wisdom and Political Career.

by |June 6, 2017

To celebrate the movie release of Churchill, released 8 June, we’ve put together our favourite books about Sir Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the UK who led his country from the brink of defeat to victory during WWII.

About the film: Churchill follows Britain’s iconic Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Brian Cox) in the days before the D-Day landings in June 1944. As allied forces stand on the south coast of Britain poised to invade Nazi-occupied Europe, they await Churchill’s decision on whether the invasion will actually move ahead.

Fearful of repeating his mistakes from World War I on the beaches of Gallipoli, exhausted by years of war, plagued by depression and obsessed with fulfilling historical greatness, Churchill is also faced with constant criticism from his political opponents – General Eisenhower and Field Marshal Montgomery.

Only the unflinching support of Churchill’s brilliant, unflappable wife Clementine (Miranda Richardson) can halt the Prime Minister’s physical and mental collapse and help lead him to greatness.

5 Books Inspired by Sir Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill: The Great Man’s Life in Anecdotes
by Patrick Delaforce

In the welter of popular and well-known stories and reminiscences about Churchill (many of them more legend than fact), it can be easy to forget that he was more than an inspirational leader and figurehead to a nation and its allies. For in spite of his many and varied successes, Britain’s last great wartime Prime Minister was also a full-blooded human being, with all of the foibles, fallibility, bad temper, pig-headedness and vanity that are so often the shadows of such greatness. Learn more.

The Gathering Storm
The Second World War: Volume I
by Winston Churchill

The Gathering Storm is the first volume of Sir Winston Churchill’s definitive account of the Second World War. Reissued with a new cover to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death.

The Gathering Storm explores the events of the period between the end of the Great War and the beginning of the Second World War and details Sir Winston Churchill’s belief that the latter should never have been allowed to occur. Mankind, he asserts, must learn from the lessons of the past… Learn more.

The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill
by Max Morris

‘The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.’

This inspiring collection gathers together Winston Churchill’s wisest and wittiest quotations. The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill showcases his finest hour and is sure to delight all admirers of this great British statesman’s rousing and compelling way with words. Learn more.

The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History
by Boris Johnson

Marking the fiftieth anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death, Boris Johnson explores what makes up the ‘Churchill Factor’ – the singular brilliance of one of the most important leaders of the twentieth century. Taking on the myths and misconceptions along with the outsized reality, he portrays – with characteristic wit and passion – a man of multiple contradictions, contagious bravery, breath-taking eloquence, matchless strategizing, and deep humanity. Fearless on the battlefield, Churchill had to be ordered by… Learn more.

The Churchills
by Mary S. Lovell

From the First Duke of Marlborough – soldier of genius, restless empire-builder and cuckolder of Charles II – onwards, the Churchills have been politicians, gamblers and profligates, heroes and womanisers.

The Churchills is a richly layered portrait of an extraordinary set of men and women – grandly ambitious, regularly impecunious, impulsive, arrogant and brave. And towering above the Churchill clan is the figure of Winston – his failures and his triumphs shown in a new and revealing context – ultimately our ‘greatest Briton’… Learn more.

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