This 10-year-old’s review of Linwood Barclay’s latest thriller says it all.

by |June 5, 2017

Meet Zoe. She’s the daughter of Kirsty Ward, our Business Intelligence Analyst here at Booktopia.

Zoe is ten year’s old and is one of the very first people to read Chase, Linwood Barclay’s latest thriller – his first thriller for children!

Chase by Linwood Barclay

In Chase, we follow twelve-year-old Jeff Conway who works for hours on end at his aunt Flo’s lakeside cabin business, away from his parents and old life. Across the state we have Chipper, a very special dog who is part of a top-secret, multi-million dollar experiment to create the ultimate canine spy technology. When Chipper escapes, the two collide in a thrilling story of danger and secrets.

When Zoe finished reading Chase, this is what she had to say:

Chase by Linwood Barclay

“Chase is a very good book that is filled with action,” she writes, and goes on to say that “it is an easy book to read but it is great.”

Kirsty mentioned that the entire book was read in a weekend, and on a car trip away, a light had to be left on when darkness had fallen so Zoe could finish reading the book.

Zoe’s only disappointment, as she told her mother, was that:

“it ends on a cliffhanger and I have to wait until next year to find out what happens. Grrr.”

Linwood Barclay is the internationally bestselling author of the Promise Falls Trilogy, as well as Parting Shot, No Safe House and A Tap on the Window. Discover all his books here.

Chaseby Linwood Barclay


by Linwood Barclay

Get ready to run . . . an edge-of-your-seat thriller with bite from international bestselling author Linwood Barclay, in his first novel for 9-12 year olds.

Chipper is a very special dog. As part of a top-secret, multi-million dollar experiment to create the ultimate canine spy technology, Chipper's whole life has been spent within the walls of a secret organization known only as The Institute. Chipper is supposed to be more machine than mutt, but something's wrong and The Institute knows it. He's about to be terminated.

Across the state, twelve-year-old orphan Jeff Conway is working all hours at his aunt Flo's lakeside cabin business. He misses his parents, his old life, and the dog he had to leave behind...

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