REVIEW: In The Name Of The Family by Sarah Dunant

by |April 6, 2017

Review by Ilse Scheepers

Dunant has once again returned to historical fiction to tell the tale of one of the most infamous families in history. The Borgias, so powerful in their day, have long been remembered as a family steeped in vice, lust and blood. Dunant brings us a more intimate tale about the notorious family, although a no less bloody one.

Cesare, Lucrezia and their father Pope Alexander IV are consolidating their power across Italy. Watching their reign of infamy from afar is a young Florentine by the name of Machiavelli. It is this inclusion that makes Dunant’s tale really take off – the sumptuousness of her prose surrounding Lucrezia is artfully offset by the cool thoughtfulness of Machiavelli.

This is a thrilling novel of family, power and corruption from the acclaimed and bestselling novelist of Italian Renaissance fiction, Sarah Dunant. A highly recommended read.

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In The Name Of The Familyby Sarah Dunant

In The Name Of The Family

by Sarah Dunant

A thrilling new novel from the bestselling author of The Birth Of Venus and In The Company Of The Courtesan.

1502 and Renaissance Italy is in turmoil. Backed by the money and wily power of his ageing father Pope Alexander VI, Cesare Borgia is soaring like a military comet, carving out a state for the Borgia dynasty. From Florence, a young diplomat, one Niccolo Machiavelli, is sent to shadow him to keep track of the danger. While many tremble in the presence of this brilliant unscrupulous man, Machiavelli is entranced and the relationship he forges with Cesare allows him - and us - to witness history in the making...

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