Australia’s Favourite Author: After 48 hours and 1,500 nominations, the authors leading the pack are…

by |January 5, 2017

* Nominations have now closed *

Less than 48 hours ago we asked you to nominate your favourite Australian authors as part of Booktopia’s quest to unearth Australia’s Favourite Author for 2017. Hundreds of you took to social media and tweeted, tagged and hash-tagged your little hearts out, nominating your favourites. So thank you! Our Australian authors thank you! Give yourselves a pat on the back.

In less than 48 hours, we’ve counted over 1,500 nominations across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via email! And there’s still so many we haven’t counted!  

So far, the authors leading the pack are Kate Morton (Australia’s Favourite Author from 2013), Monica McInerney, Fiona McCallum, Rachael Johns, Victoria Purman, Liane Moriarty and Tim Winton.

You’ve championed fiction writers above all else, but don’t forget you can also nominate non-fiction authors. These could include your favourite historians, biographers, chefs, entrepreneurs, financiers, interior designers, radio personalities, or celebrities. As long as they have published in book form, then they are eligible to be nominated.

Don’t despair if your favourite author hasn’t been nominated yet. There’s still 3 days to nominate, 3 days to coerce your loved ones to nominate. Simply email us at, or tag Booktopia on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, naming your favourites. Or use the hashtag #ausfaveauthor. It’s that simple.


January 3-8: Nominations (on now!)
Nominate your favourite Australian authors. You can nominate as many as you like, anyone who you think deserves recognition. Nominate them in 1 of 5 easy ways: Email us at, or tag us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, listing your favourite authors. Or just comment below. The top nominations will make it through to the Heats.

January 9-13: The Heats
The top nominations will be collated and split into heats. Every day from Monday to Friday you’ll have the opportunity to vote for your favourite authors in each heat. Only the very best authors from each heat will progress to the final round of voting.

This is where it gets extra fun! During the heats, you can go into the running to win a splendid book pack valued at $1000 RRP! – all we need is your email address when you vote!

January 16-20: The Final Poll
The top 75 authors from the Heats will make it to this final poll. This will be your final chance to champion your favourite Australian authors. Voting closes at 11:59pm on Friday, 20th January 2017.

January 23-27: The Countdown Begins
From Monday, 23rd January we’ll countdown your top 50 authors, unveiling 10 authors each day, until…

January 27: The Announcement
Australia’s 10 favourite authors will be announced on Friday, 27th January! We’ll be profiling your top 10 authors and the books that have made them your favourites.

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    Tania Chandler

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    Emily Reilly “Unbroken”

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    Jacqueline Harvey

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    Aaron L. Speer

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