Ten Bachelorette hopefuls to feature on upcoming Mills and Boon book covers with Georgia.

by |September 23, 2016


Ten of the remaining strapping young men vying for Georgia’s affection got more than they bargained for in last night’s episode of The Bachelorette. Actually…for the obscene amount of entrepreneurs and closet models in the show, this latest episode was just the amount of exposure they were probably hoping for…

What we found ourselves watching last night was a group date in the Aussie outback. The ten men were split into four groups, fitted in cowboy gear, and asked to pose with Georgia for four book covers.

Four Mills and Boon books. That will actually be available to buy.

Yes, the Mills and Boon love stories that our mothers, and now we, have grown up reading and loving (As an extra piece of trivia, two Mills and Boon books are sold every second worldwide!).

Check out the books below:





Now you can own a little piece of The Bachelorette with a copy of your very own book. Choose from The Farmer’s Love, Home on the Station, Love on the Land and Country Calling, all comprising of three heart-warming and memorable Australian outback romances, from Australia’s leading romance writers. Whether you love your leading man as a strapping young farmer, as a bad-boy best friend, or a billionaire, there’s a romance here for you.

Unlike Carlos’ Tiffany gift which Georgia returned, you’re not going to want to return these four Mills and Boon books!


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