300 students from 19 schools visit Sydney’s Opera House for Indigenous Literacy Day.

by |September 7, 2016

I have a quick question for you: do you want to see more of these beautiful smiles? Then read on…

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Today is Indigenous Literacy Day, the most important fundraising and advocacy day for Australian Indigenous education. The aim is to raise awareness and improve opportunities for Indigenous children living in some of the most remote and isolated parts of our country.

Funds raised today go towards buying books and resources for these communities. Attend one of the events, fundraisers or book swaps held today or please donate here.

This year, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) launched a fabulous collection of stories in a new book, The Goanna Was Hungry at the Sydney Opera House. 300 students from 19 schools, ILF ambassadors and community members from some of the remotest communities in WA all attended.



Children from 3 Western Australian remote communities read their stories from ‘The Goanna Was Hungry’

indigenous andy

Andy Griffiths, the ILF’s ambassador was at the Opera House to sign books!

Quentin Bryce with children from Western Australia

Quentin Bryce with children from Western Australia


The Great Book Swap at the Sydney Opera House!

Below is a short clip from Ambassador Andy Griffiths talking about the 2014 ILD day at the Sydney Opera House with Alison Lester, MC Natalie Ahmat and 400 school children.

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