Rub shoulders with your favourite Australian authors at the St. Albans Writers’ Festival. Tickets now available.

by |July 6, 2016

A bevy of prolific and talented Australian authors are to visit the small and picturesque village of St Albans (Macdonald Valley, NSW) for the second St Albans Writers’ Festival, set to run from 16-18 September 2016.

Expect to rub shoulders with, and perhaps share a coffee with Stan Grant (who’ll be giving the festival’s opening address), Les Murray, Jane Caro, Emily Maguire, Hugh Mackay, Richard Glover, Nick Earls, Judy Nunn, Kate Forsyth as well as food experts Simmone Logue and Paul West … plus more!

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The festival was born when residents belonging to three different book clubs in the village decided to organise a book day. This Book Feast at which Kate Grenville spoke was a great success and two years later in 2015, the first full festival took place.

St Albans is characterised by its sandstone cliffs, winding rivers and fertile paddocks, and so is the perfect destination for an intimate writers’ festival, away from any bustling city.

Stay for the weekend or just for a day. View the timetable and grab your tickets here. Festival tickets are limited to 350 places so grab yours while you still can!

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