Alice-Miranda books by Jacqueline Harvey to be adapted for TV.

by |June 23, 2016


Alice-Miranda, our favourite peppy 10-year old student at the Academy for Proper Young Ladies is set to become a TV star!

It’s been announced that the bestselling Alice-Miranda series of books by Australian author Jacqueline Harvey will be turned into a TV series to be aired on the Nine Network. Twenty-six half hour shows are said to be created, with plans for it to be screened internationally. Expect it to hit our small screens in 2018.

The 14-book (and counting) series has been a phenomenal success in Australia, with 6-to-9 year olds falling in love with the charming Alice-Miranda and the antics she gets up to at her boarding school. From exotics overseas excursions, midnight feasts, visiting movie stars, naughty ponies and treasure hunts, it’s no wonder children (and their parents) have fallen in love with the series.

The series has also been published in over 80 countries globally including the UK, North America, Indonesia, Turkey and Brazil.

Developing the TV series will be SLR Productions with European distributor ZDF Enterprises.

Jacqueline Harvey chatting about her Alice-Miranda series

View the books in the Alice-Miranda series

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