Who is this Aquaman person and why should I care?

by |July 28, 2015

Guest Blogger Jeremy Vine dips his toe into the story of Aquaman and the news of Aquaman: The Movie

You might have seen some of the movie news recently – that Aquaman is getting his own film in 2018 (following Batman v Superman, Justice League and Wonder Woman). You may also be wondering why the guy that talks to fish is getting his own superhero movie. Well, Aquaman’s a little different to what you might think he is.

You see, there have been a number of different versions of Aquaman. There’s the original version way back in the Golden Age of Comics, who didn’t really have superpowers but was able to stay under water for long periods thanks to SCIENCE! During the Silver Age in the 1970s, Aquaman could be found battling undersea menaces with the help of his ocean friends. This is probably the version that people remember – the one that can’t go for more than an hour without needing to return to the water. Later, he became a grittier anti-hero with a harpoon in place of one of his hands. But still, the most common vision of Aquaman is the one from the Silver Age, using his telepathic powers to summon seahorses. All of that is about to change.

aquaman-volume-1-the-trenchThe most recent version was being written by Geoff Johns, who has delivered a fantastic new imagining of the character. Aquaman (or more accurately, Arthur Curry) is an Atlantean prince raised by his human father in a lighthouse on the coast. The first book, Aquaman vol. 1: The Trench is far from the standard superhero adventure. Gone are the criminals, superpowered or otherwise. Instead, Aquaman faces creatures from the darkest depths of the ocean, monsters from before civilisation that have come ashore searching for fresh food and people seem like the best thing on the menu. Tracking them back to their lair, he discovers something that threatens Atlantis itself.

Johns has re-imagined Aquaman as a princely warrior, one that battles horrors more at home in H.P. Lovecraft than a superhero comic. As the series continues, Aquaman is forced to make a decision between his Atlantean heritage and the humans he has chosen to protect, as demons from his past return. Johns has made what could just be another standard superhero book into an epic saga of betrayal, murder and revenge.

All of this has paved the way for the new Aquaman film featuring Jason Momoa. The initial promotional images for the character show a very different style again. The best word to describe Momoa is fierce. There’s no doubt that the new film is going to increase the popularity of this long time character, so now’s the best time to catch up on the latest incarnation. There are currently five books in the Aquaman series, and two in the spin off series, Aquaman and the Others.


Jeremy Vine has been hooked on comics since he taught himself to read with the help of Asterix and Tintin. When not dressing up in costumes and attending pop culture conventions, he is an account manager for Penguin Random House Australia.

More of his thoughts on comics and superheroes in general can be found on the Comics Watchtower Facebook page or at his Twitter account @salesreplyfe

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