Nine Naughty Questions with… Elizabeth Lowell, author of Perfect Touch

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perfect-touchThe Booktopia Book Guru asks

Elizabeth Lowell

author of Perfect Touch and many more…

Nine Naughty Questions

1. Headless washboard abs, a torrid embrace, the sprawling homestead, an elegantly dressed décolletage, or the vaguely kinky object against a dark background – what’s your favourite type of romance cover and why?

Depends on what I’m reading. If I’m looking for paranormal romance, a well-built man gets me every time. Sprawling homesteads would tell me “historical, western.” Low necklines usually mean Regency. Kinky…well, there’s a whole universe of possibilities there!

2. What is the secret life of a romance writer? What goes on between you and your keyboard (or quill) behind closed doors?

I’d love to tell you something salacious. I’d be lying. It’s write, write, write.

Author: Elizabeth Lowell

Author: Elizabeth Lowell

3. At the heart of a romantic story is the way in which the main characters reveal their true natures to each other. How much of yourself do you put into your characters, and have their stories been affected by your personal experiences?

It’s impossible to divorce myself completely from my heroine. Or the hero, for that matter. Neither will do something I find revolting. Bad guys, now, that’s different! It’s safe to say I haven’t done nearly all the things I’ve written.

4. I’m interested in how you differentiate between romance fiction, erotica and porn. Are romance readers getting naughtier?

Romance can be sweet or racy. Erotica must be racy to OMG, can people really do/enjoy that? I haven’t read porn, so I can’t comment. Yes, many romance readers today want lots of sex. And many want less sex and more plot. It’s up to the author to write what she herself enjoys and let the book find its natural audience.

perfect-touch5. Please tell us about your latest novel! Did you have a secret alternative title while you were writing it?

No secret titles of the printable kind. When I’m in a slow patch, I tend to call my book all kinds of things. Perfect Touch is about a man and a woman who meet and fall in really inconvenient lust. It’s inconvenient, because they’re wrong for each other and people are trying to kill them.

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6. What’s the most memorable reaction you’ve received after a friend or family member read one of your books?


7. Romance writers are sometimes denigrated and asked when they’ll write ‘real’ books – what do you tell the haters?

Romances of all kinds have their roots in myth, not modernism. Romances show readers possibilities and strength, rather than limitations and despair. I write for people who lead demanding lives and want a place of peace and pleasure in their books. I don’t write to teach people about despair; my readers already have a very good idea of what reality is like.

8. Romance readers love discovering new authors. Please tell us about five books you recently read and loved to bits.

I tend to go with authors than with titles. I’ll read anything by Jayne Ann Krentz (aka Jayne Castle, Amanda Quick) Nalini Singh, Jill Shalvis, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and J.D. Robb. You’re not going to get a stinker written by any of these authors! Then there’s always Lora Leigh, Lara Adrian, Kresley Cole… It’d be easier to type up the contents of my Kindle. 🙂

9. Please tell us your favourite scene from your latest book, and why it’s particularly delicious!

The first time Sara and Jay make love is my favorite. All the little—and big ;)—things they learn about each other, their laughter, their teasing, the discovery of a lover who is truly satisfying. And then the realization that whatever they have can’t last, because they both want such different things from life. At least, they think they do.

Elizabeth, thank you for playing.

Perfect Touchperfect-touch

by Elizabeth Lowell

The New York Times bestselling queen of romantic suspense returns with a heart-racing tale in which a former soldier turned rancher and a beautiful designer race to stop a vicious killer—a battle for survival that threatens to explode in an intense and irresistible passion.

An art dealer and owner of her own design studio, Perfect Touch, Sara Medina travels the world to find the ideal artwork for her clients. Her sophisticated, comfortable life in San Francisco is light years away from the poverty of her family’s dairy farm, and Sara will do whatever it takes to keep her business strong. A dedicated urban career woman focused on her work, she doesn’t have time or energy for a family or distracting romantic entanglements.

Jay Vermillion recently inherited Vermillion Sky, a working ranch near Wyoming’s breathtaking Grand Teton Mountains—and the estates of the rich and more…

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