Understanding Rap: Get down with the Shizzle this Bizzle does Provizzle

by |July 23, 2015

understanding-rapAlthough rap music is famous for its ingenuity, double entendres and clever turns of phrase, until now no one has attempted to collect rap lyrics into an organised compendium.

Enter Understand Rap, which precisely explains all the confusing terms and lyrics used in rap songs in a language even the most un-hip person can understand.

“My West Coast shorty push the chrome 740…” – PUFF DADDY

The female I associate with while I am spending time in California is driving a high-end BMW brand automobile, which I may have purchased for or loaned to her, and that has had a special coating applied to give it an extremely bright, silver, mirror-like finish.

 “Hockey players pagin’ me to practice on my wrist…” – NELLY

I have so much diamond jewelry covering the end of my arm near my hand that individuals who enjoy the aforementioned cold-weather contact sport are contacting me on my outdated alphanumeric communication device, having confused my bracelet for an ice rink they would like to use to improve their athletic abilities.

“Flow so cold, chicken soup won’t help…” – LIL WAYNE

The stream of lyrics that travels from my mouth to the microphone is so powerful that if it were a treatable sickness, a common home remedy would have no effect.

“Leave you kinda startled, like the funk off of fritos…” – PAPERBOY

Because you are relatively inexperienced, my actions will surprise you as if you inhaled in pungent aroma from a just-opened bag of a particular brand of strong-smelling corn chips.

“Grindin’ daily to stack my bread…” – PAUL WALL

I work hard every day, earning income by doing whatever I have to do to get by. As a result of my effort, I am able to pile up my money as if it were slices of food made by mixing water with ground flour.

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