Dijanna Mulhearn talks Wardrobe 101 for Mums with Booktopia’s John Purcell

by |January 5, 2015

Establishing your own style is one of the hardest things to achieve, even more so when you’ve trying to raise children. Have no fear, Dijanna Mulhearn is here!

Dijanna’s new book Wardrobe 101 for Mums is the follow up to her phenomenally successful Wardrobe 101. She chats with John Purcell in this exclusive interview.

Grab a copy of Wardrobe 101 for Mums here

wardrobe-101-for-mums-signed-copies-available-Wardrobe 101 for Mums

by Dijanna Mulhearn

Following on from Wardrobe 101: How to Create Your Perfect Core Wardrobe, fashion guru Dijanna Mulhearn is offering style advice to time-poor mothers.

Wardrobe 101 for Mums is a go-to guide for women who long to look good with little effort. Between juggling young children and navigating a post-pregnancy figure, dressing stylishly can be overwhelming; and the last thing on the minds of many new mothers.

Don’t be tempted by the tracksuit or resort to simple jeans and t-shirt when this book is chock full of tips that show you how to look fabulous in a flash. Dijanna Mulhearn has devised helpful tricks for looking chic regardless of body shape and there are tips to work a new wardrobe for any kid-friendly or strictly adult occasion. Learn from the world’s most stylish women, take what works for you and turn that hot mess into a hot mama!

About the Author

Dijanna Mulhearn has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry. From retail to events management, publicity at Harper’s BAZAAR magazine and managing public relations and advertising for international luxury label Prada, Dijanna knows fashion inside out. She created and wrote the long-running weekly column Wardrobe 101 in the Sydney Morning Herald and has regularly contributed to Grazia.

Grab a copy of Wardrobe 101 for Mums here

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