Why Reading More Books is the best New Year’s Resolution

by |January 2, 2015

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution yet?

Is it to get fit, eat healthy, save money, manage stress or learn a new hobby?

Our New Year’s Resolution is to read more books. Have you thought about that one? Let’s see how it weighs up against the more traditional resolutions…

Getting Fit vs Reading More Books

Getting Fit

Think of all those hours in a poorly ventilated gym listing to your personal trainer’s mixed tape of techno remixes through a broken speaker.

Think of those long runs in the morning, the long runs in the evening, the long runs at lunchtime.

And don’t forget the pain. So much pain.


Now think of this…


 WINNER = Reading More Books

Eating Healthier vs Reading More Books

Do you like cheese? Or chocolate? Or wine? Or chips? Or pizza? Or milkshakes? Or ice cream? Or burgers? Or brownies? Or soft drink? Or cake? Or beer? Or bacon? Or pa? Or pancakes?

Well, no more of that for you.

But don’t worry. You’ll love tofu.


Now think of this…


WINNER = Reading More Books

Saving Money vs Reading More Books

Save money? In this economy? Leave that problem to future you.

Present you deserves presents…


 And you know what makes the best present…


WINNER = Reading More Books

Manage Stress vs Reading More Books

If only there was some portable device that could take you to far away worlds, help you forget your troubles and fill your heart with joy…


If only…


WINNER = Reading More Books

Learn a New Hobby vs Reading More Books

We’d never ask you to stop learning new things, but the learning process doesn’t need to be like this…


It can be like this…


WINNER = Reading More Books

Conclusion: Books are amazing. You should be reading as many as you can in 2015, more than ever before.

AND books can help you achieve all your other, sadly non-book related, New Year’s Resolutions.




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