7PM INTERVIEW: Adam Spencer on postal cats, shoe phones and his love of numbers

by |December 9, 2014

When Adam Spencer said, do you mind if I ask you a few maths questions in the interview? John Purcell went white. What followed is nothing short of miraculous…

adam-spencer-s-big-book-of-numbersAdam Spencer’s Big Book of Numbers

An hilarious, enlightening romp through the world of numbers with one of Australia’s best-loved broadcasters.

Why do people get freaked out by Friday the 13th? Where does a ‘dozen’ come from? Who was Erno Rubik? And how do you become a master at Sudoku?

In 100 bite-sized chapters, mathematician, broadcaster and comedian Adam Spencer unlocks more of the secrets of the world of numbers.

If you’ve ever wondered about the ‘fourth dimension’, why spider monkeys have so many bones in their hands, which numbers are truly narcissistic, or how on earth you play ‘Buckyball’, Adam Spencer’s Big Book of Numbers will set you straight.

Click here to grab a copy of Adam Spencer’s Big Book of Numbers

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