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by |April 3, 2014

The most famous name in the Comic Book World, Stan Lee, will be coming to Australia for Sydney’s Supanova Expo, held June 13-15 at the Sydney Showgrounds.

Lee created Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, the X-Men, the Avengers, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer and countless other characters in the Marvel Comics universe.

He remains as big an icon as the characters he created.

Here’s part of the statement from Supernova organisers.

Stan “The Man” Lee, aged 91, has chosen Sydney’s Supanova Expo (June 13-15) to host his farewell tour to Australia. After heart surgery in 2012 to have a pacemaker installed, Mr. Lee now finds the long journey from his home in Beverly Hills to be pretty hard work. Yet he’s decided to keep a 28 year old commitment to Sydney fans after being listed as one of three Guests of Honour for the first and only ‘Australian Comic Book Convention’ held in 1986 at the Sydney Opera House. Back then fans were left wondering, “where’s Stan?”, after he failed to materialise with it coming to light years later that his airline tickets were never purchased to allow for his departure to Sydney.

Now though, so many years later, Mr. Lee is giving Sydney and therefore Australian fans one more opportunity for a meet-and-greet before he retires from long-haul convention journeys. We are Supa-privileged to host the man who innovated the phrase, “With great power comes great responsibility!” and has been responsible for so much joy and creativity over the last 70 odd years. With this Sydney only visit, we hope that interstate fans will join Sydneysiders in welcoming arguably the greatest creator name in comic book history.

Stan Lee has had cameos in countless films and TV shows. Here’s a collection of some of his best.

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