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by |March 4, 2014

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Beams Falling
(and The Old School)

by P.M. Newton

Detective Nhu Kelly, known as Ned by her colleagues, is a mess after being shot. But she’s out on the streets of Cabramatta, working the new Asian crime wave of heroin, home invasions and hits.

To the cops, her Vietnamese heritage is an asset, but to her, still damaged and prone to terrifying flashbacks, it is also a burden, freighted with assumptions and expectations.

Reeking of authentic insight into the effect of post-traumatic stress, this is gripping and gritty stuff from a writer who spent over a decade as a detective and clearly knows her territory – not only about procedure, but about human psychology.

The picture Newton paints ain’t pretty and may leave readers wondering why any woman would join the police force. She brings real complexity and compassion to the character of Ned, creating a portrait of isolation, anxiety and conflict that is sometimes uncomfortable to read it feels so real.

Ned is obsessed with a score she needs to settle, but is she sufficiently recovered to make the right decisions and rebuild her life?

Review by Caroline Baum

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