Forgotten Great-Aunt Elsie’s Christmas gift? Booktopia’s got your back!

by |December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Booktopia!

merry christmas

We know that you had a thousand things on your mind in the lead-up to Christmas. Kids school holiday arrangement, tying up loose ends at work, getting that barbecue working before the in-laws arrive… It’s understandable that you forgot the last relative on your present list.

We can help you avoid those awkward moments under the Christmas tree. Simply click the link below to download a Booktopia Gift Certificate in less than a minute and preserve that Christmas magic.

You can thank us later.

Click here to grab a Gift Certificate!

… and happy holidays!roger-ascham-and-the-king-s-lost-girl

Haven’t planned your summer reading yet? We have a huge range of eBooks that can be yours in a matter of seconds.

This year millions of people will receive or buy themselves a very cool device. Whether that device is a tablet (an iPad, or a Samsung, or a Google Nexus or a Microsoft Surface) or a cool new smart phone, or even an eReader, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that with every new device sold a potential new eBook reader is born.

And Booktopia is right here to help you find the book and the format you desire.

And to show you just how easy eBooks can be, why not download this FREE eBook  from one of Australia’s most exciting writers – MATTHEW REILLY!

You’ll find buying eBooks from Booktopia is quick and easy. So if you have a device with you, you’ll never be stuck with nothing to read again.

Download our Booktopia Reader for iOS – an ePub and PDF eBook reader for Booktopia customers, suited for iPhone, iPad and iPod or our Booktopia Reader for Android – an ePub and PDF eBook reader for Booktopia customers, suited for all Android devices.

The reading world isn’t an either/or kind of place. Books and eBooks can and will live side by side quite happily. You don’t have to choose sides. We can now read in whichever format that suits.

Click here to download an e-Book today!

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