Movember: When men aspire to look like Magnum, but look like Freddie Mercury instead…

by |November 1, 2013

Team Booktopia is going to be a little hairier this month as we link arms with Movember to form part of a united front aiding men’s health.

All of Booktopia’s Mo Brothers and Mo Sisters will be helping to raise funds and awareness – while trying to have a little fun along the way.

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John, Steve, Andrew and Chris have all joined Movember as Team Booktopia. See below for how they look now, how they want to look, and, in all likelihood, will look.

(Don’t you think John will make a fetching Freddie Mercury…)

Andrew Cattanach

The Pledge:

I will not break when it takes two weeks for anyone to notice I am even trying to grow a moustache. I will ignore the jibes by friends, family and co-workers about the fluff above my top lip. I will smile as the wind rushes through my fluffy face caterpillar all in the name of men’s health.

In the beginning, there was no Mo:

Mondrew (704 x 528)

The Dream:

ron-burgundy-2 The Potential Reality:

Christopher Cahill

The Pledge:

I promise to shave my mo off at the end of the month. I will not grow accustomed to the mo lifestyle. I will not start wearing checked suits. I will not start carrying a cane. I will not wear a fedora. I shall wear my mo with pride in the full knowledge that I am doing so for charity and not for the ladies.

In the beginning, there was no Mo:

PIC_0136 (704 x 528)

The Dream:


The Potential Reality:john_waters-642-380

John Purcell

The Pledge:

I promise I will withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous moustachios – forgo the love of my wife for a month as she suffers from an uncontrollable fear of moustaches, ignore the titters of those who know nothing of Movember and think my moustache is a personal choice, ward off unwanted advances from Bikies and grow and groom my moustache so that the testicles of millions of men can dangle free from harm.

In the beginning, there was no Mo:

PIC_0116 (704 x 528)

The Dream:

The Potential Reality:tumblr_lmtml7nJ4J1qci3mxo1_500

Steve Traurig

The Pledge:

I promise that when anyone within my immediate personal or work life asks who I am because they do not recognise my moustachio’d visage, I will not answer by asking in a foreign language where the nearest barber is.  I will enjoy the notoriety that a lip-slug will give me, by putting me in the same general yet absolutely remote coincidence of having the same feature (any feature) as most male porn stars from the 70’s (someone told me about that, anyway).

In the beginning, there was no Mo:

The Dream:


The Potential Reality:



Watch the video:

MO13 Primary Logo Stacked NEG copy

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