IN THE NEWS: How 365 Gratefuls changed Sam Worthington’s life

by |October 25, 2013

A new book focused on enjoying the simple things in life is taking the world by storm with the help of actor Sam Worthington.

When award-winning photographer Hailey Bartholomew began to suffer from depression in 2008, she embarked on a project to combat her struggle.

She sought advice from a nun who told her to ask herself “What are you grateful for?”

So Hailey asked herself that every day for a year, and chronicled her journey on her website and in the book 365 Gratefuls.

For Sam Worthington depression has always been around him. With countless people he knew battling with it, he turned to the internet to find anything to give his friends peace. There he discovered 365 Gratefuls.

“My life goes into the red quite a lot of times,” said Worthington in Fairfax papers. “It actually puts into perspective those things that are important and which tend to be the things you lose sight of: the loved ones around you, … the people that are there to help. We all think sometimes that the house is what you are meant to get, the big job is what you are meant to get … but it’s not. We are blessed to wake up in the morning.”

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365 Gratefuls

Hailey & Andrew Bartholomew

‘What are you grateful for?’ That is precisely the question that Hailey Bartholomew asked herself every day for a year. Struggling with depression, she reached out for help and received life-changing advice: Find something every day that you are grateful for.

Embracing her assignment, Hailey used her talents as a photographer to put a twist on the exercise, taking pictures of her ‘gratefuls’ and becoming more aware that her depression was lifting in the process.

365 Gratefuls is a collection of photographs recounting Hailey’s transformation from depression to an unhindered appreciation of the world around her, combined with stories and images from many others who have encountered the effects of gratitude. This uplifting book will inspire you to look at the world with new eyes, emphasising gratitude over anxiety in everyday moments.

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  • October 25, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    I’m grateful for my sobriety as I have my family around me and grand children whom I can share in their love and life as that wouldn’t have happened if I had no sobriety

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