Does Robb Stark Take Up Too Much Space On Trains?

by |October 8, 2013

Does Robb Stark take up too much space on trains?

That’s the question being asked around the world today, as Game of Thrones star Richard Madden is outed as a chronic space-taker-upperer on the popular tumblr site Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train.

Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train exposes a world of sexual politics that will strike a chord with anyone who has suffered at the hands of bad etiquette on public transport.

If there is one aspect of the modern age that matches the scheming, combative nature of Westeros and beyond, it is surely the public transport system.

In the most recent reminder that the internet has a lot of time on its hands, Robb Stark (lets be honest, he’s not shaking that tag) looks decidedly sullen riding on the London Underground.

Madden can be seen clutching at his umbrella, sinking in his chair like so many of us did when we read/watched the now infamous Red Wedding sequence.

We wonder what he’s thinking, and how much of his ill-feeling is directed towards GOT creator George R.R. Martin because of…well….you know…


Is Robb Stark taking up too much space on the train?

How tall is his umbrella?

Where is he going in such a mopey state?

Leave your comments below.

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