Romance at Booktopia’s Nine Naughty Questions: Travel Edition with… Zoe Archer

by |September 25, 2013

While gallivanting around the American countryside, Booktopia’s Romance Specialist Haylee Nash is taking the chance to catch up with some of the USA’s great romance writing talent, the first of which is Zoe Archer, author of paranormal, historical and adventure romance.

On my first less-than-scorching day in Los Angeles, I got the opportunity to meet with the lovely Zoe Archer. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of hailing a cab (which, I have since learnt, you DO NOT DO) and, after spending my shopping, eating and boozing allowance on the fare, turned up to Zoe’s apartment over an hour late.

Thankfully, Zoe was forgiving and after having some cuddles with her super friendly, and fluffy, cat Whiskey (which were much-needed as I was, and am still having, serious pet withdrawals), we got down to business.

Many thanks to Zoe Archer and her equally lovely husband (and fellow romance author) Nico Rosso, for inviting me into their apartment, for the interview, and for the ride home!

When not working on increasing her waistline through sampling gratuitous amounts of America’s fine food and liquor, Haylee Nash is an unabashed romance fan and all things fluffy.  Haylee is also the Romance Specialist at Booktopia.

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