Five Books Every Man Should Read – From Nicole Alexander

by |September 11, 2013

This September we’re launching Operation GMR, Get Men Reading. We constantly get asked what books we’d recommend for husbands, sons, fathers, uncles, nephews etc.

Today’s guest is the bestselling author of Sunset Ridge, Absolution Creek and many more, Nicole Alexander.

Nicole, take it away…

The Man from Snowy River

by Banjo Patterson

No ballad quite sums up the difficulties, conflicts and romanticism of the bush like this one.

And it’s got a ripping chase scene, which doesn’t involve cars.

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The Old Man And The Sea

by Ernest Hemingway

This man knew how to live; big game hunting, martini drinking and a bull-fighting aficionado, this gem of a novella epitomizes man’s struggle against nature.

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The Hunt for Red October

by Tom Clancy

One of his best thrillers, intrigue on the high seas.

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Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

A women’s read?

Perhaps, but even my father (a conservative grazier) picked up a few things pertaining to relationships after reading Austen’s classic.

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Homer’s Iliad

Gods, goddesses, war, fate, heroes…

Need I say more?

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