Shane Jacobson, author of The Long Road to Overnight Success, answers Ten Terrifying Questions

by |August 15, 2013

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Shane Jacobson

author of The Long Road to Overnight Success

Ten Terrifying Questions


1. To begin with why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself – where were you born? Raised? Schooled?

I am a lad who was conceived, born, raised and schooled in the in the western suburbs of Melbourne, some people might say or believe that this is not the ideal place for all of these to occur, but I found the experience to be wonderful as well as a little exciting.

2. What did you want to be when you were 12, 18 and 30? And why?

I wanted to be an actor and entertainer at all of those ages as well as all the moments in between, but as we know, all good things take time, so imagine how long a great thing takes.

3. What strongly held belief did you have at 18 that you do not have now?

That ABBA would be around forever, that dim sims were made from some kind of magical meat, that nobody would pay more than 50 cents for a bottle of water, and that we would all be driving electric cars by now

.4. What were that were three big events – in the family circle or on the world stage or in your reading life, for example – you can now say, had a great effect on you and influenced you in your career path?

I would say that all three major things happened inside the one major event, the film Kenny that my brother and I made.

5. Considering the innumerable artistic avenues open to you, why did you choose to write a book?

No they will never be obsolete, they can be read using different devices, but we will always crave a good story no matter what form they are delivered in.

6. Please tell us about your latest book…

My book is called The Long Road To Overnight Success, and I can assure you it was. I have lived many different lives doing many and varied jobs, and although I was always heading to a town called entertainment I sure as heck chose some rough old dirt tracks to get there, and you know what, if I had my time over again I would travel exactly the same route.

(From the publisher: After the film ‘Kenny’ catapulted him to national and international fame, actor, writer, producer Shane Jacobson was told by people that he had a talent for acting. Which was great news as he’d been on the stage since the age of ten. Working in musical theatre, stand up comedy, radio, ads, and the occasional Boy Scout review, Jacobson had been in the spotlight and behind the scenes, he had learned how to make people laugh and how to move them and he had felt the allure of the spotlight. He knew this was what he wanted to do, but it would take him years to get there in between his many (very) odd jobs. Success, when it came, was sweet, but so was getting there. Here Jacobson tells the story of his life in the droll, hilarious way which made him so appealing in Kenny and in films like Charlie and Boots. From a childhood spent among loving but stage-hungry ‘carnies’ to an adulthood spent travelling, falling in love, learning to drive every vehicle ever made and generally distracting himself from a serious career path, this is a charming, truly Australian memoir.)

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7. If your work could change one thing in this world – what would it be?

I think the best I can hope for is to entertain people, give them a reason to smile for a while. I do use my influence to help a few special charities that I am involved with which I will continue to do always.

8. Whom do you most admire and why?

My partner Felicity, because she is my greatest advisor, supporter and my best friend as well as a wonderful mother.

9. Many artists set themselves very ambitious goals. What are yours?

To be the best father I can possibly be and continue to entertain people but constantly look for a bigger stage.

10. What advice do you give aspiring writers?

Just start writing, once you start you may find you can’t stop, and then you will know you are a writer, will it be hard at times, yes it will, but is it all worth it, you bet.

Shane, thank you for playing.

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