King Hall by Scarlett Dawn: A Review by Booktopia’s Hayley Shephard

by |July 29, 2013

Booktopia’s Hayley Shephard is one of the most prolific readers. Here she reviews Scarlett Dawn’s new ebook King Hall.

King Hall is a fantasy, full of love, friendship and heartbreak.

Sound familiar? Well it’s not.

The main character Lily Ruckler, is a hybrid: born from a vampire father and a shifter mother. While it’s surprising that these two types of creatures mix in this story, you come to find it is actually taboo – well sort of. The idea of mixing these two completely different creatures, who have long been enemies in the realm of fantasy, is what makes this story so unique and interesting.

Currently, most fantasy authors grab any plot they come across and run with it, which doesn’t always work out so well. There is only so much you can do with a vampire and a peeved off shifter of some kind, or vice versa, without sounding the same as everyone else. But, in this instance, Scarlett Dawn gives us something new to sink our claws into. So for people who are sick of reading the same thing, or the perennial ‘next Twilight’, you will enjoy this book.

King Hall has all there is to offer: a hybrid who must mask her vampiric abilities or risk death; a vampire, shifter, elemental and a mage who work together for the future of the mystical community against the world’s Commoners, their friendship, and for Lily’s survival. However, things become complicated when Lily is forced to become the next Queen of the shifter faction.

Scarlett Dawn shoves you right into the thick of things, yet only reveals so much; she allows you to take a nip and not a full bite. It’s almost like whiplash, but when the time is right Scarlett opens the floodgates at critical and breathtaking points. It is authors like Scarlett that keep you reading and on the edge of your seat. They know how to accelerate your pulse and slow it down.

King Hall is an incredibly fast paced fantasy, and while I don’t usually gravitate towards anything along the same lines, I couldn’t put it down.

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