Romance readers rejoice at the birth of the royal baby!

by |July 23, 2013

As any romance reader knows, all romances must have a happy ending and the ultimate happy ending involves a big white dress, a beautiful wedding and a baby . If you can add a crown then all the better. Romance Specialist Haylee Nash shares her love of royal romance.

The wait is over – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have finally welcomed their baby into the world – a little boy, who is the first Prince of Cambridge in 190 years. And it isn’t just the royalists who are excited – we here at Romance at Booktopia are pretty jolly chuffed too.


A young Diana reading a romance by her grandmother, Barbara Cartland

A young Diana reading a romance by her grandmother, Barbara Cartland

Because romance readers love a royal coupling, and we get even more excited when you throw a baby in the mix. Like the three fairy godmothers at the birth of Briar Rose, romance readers are eager to bestow our blessings and best wishes upon the royal infant. We have grown up reading Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and though we may have progressed to more realistic settings and characters for our romances, a royal setting is still one of our favourites. One cannot mention royalty without thinking not only of glittering balls, glamourous dresses and sparkling jewels but forbidden liaisons, unknown heirs and scandalous love affairs. One could not ask for a more perfect subject for romance.

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Mills & Boon, publishers of romance for over 100 years, know this all to well and publish a number of royal-themed stories every month, featuring everything from Mediterranean princes to Arabian sheikhs , from improprietous princesses to devilish dukes. And yes, many of them feature a baby – in fact, in honour of the birth of the newest royal, Mills & Boon have specially created an anthology of royal baby stories. Crass? Perhaps, but if you’re a lover of passion, scandal, high drama, once you’ve read a royal romance you’ll be begging for more (which is why I’ve made it easy for you and created a special royal baby romance collection  – you can check it out here).

Haylee Nash is not a monarchist but nonetheless loves the royal fantasy and cried watching Will & Kate’s wedding. It’s a romance thing. You can talk to her about romance, cake and hot men on facebook at RomanceAtBooktopia or on  twitter @LoveAtBooktopia.

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