Publishing Phenomenon Sylvia Day visits Booktopia

by |June 20, 2013

Things got distinctly hotter in the office today when international bestselling erotic romance author Sylvia Day came to Booktopia! And not just because of the author’s love of red hot snacks…

Today we had the distinct honour of having international phenomenon Sylvia Day come to visit. In amongst the signing of PILES AND PILES of copies of Entwined with You, the third book in her Crossfire series, we learned a few interesting facts about Ms Day:

Sylvia Day at Booktopia with a huge pile of Entwined with You

Sylvia Day and just a few of the copies of ‘Entwined with You’

Sylvia hard at work

Interesting Fact #1: Sylvia has to wear a special band-aid to protect her finger while signing – she has done so much signing in the past few months that she has a permanent dent and bruise on her ring finger!

Interesting Fact #2: Sylvia writes back to her fans’ emails, even when they’re complaining about her books! Now there’s an author who respects her readers.

Interesting Fact #3: Sylvia is obsessed with eating XXX Cheetos and sparkling water while writing  – her local store makes a special order just for her.

Sylvia Day with Booktopia's Romance specialist, Haylee Nash (no relation)

Sylvia and Me!

You can get your very own piece of Sylvia (not literally – ewww) from Booktopia – click here to pick up a signed edition of Entwined with You.

Sylvia Day with Booktopia's John Purcell AKA Natasha Walker, author of The Secret Lives of Emma

Sylvia & Natasha (aka John Purcell) together at last

Thanks for coming in Sylvia. Hope to see you again soon – we’ll supply the Cheetos!

Haylee Nash has a confession to make – she LOVES erotic romance. The hotter the better. Right, that feels better. She is also the Romance Specialist at Booktopia. You can follow her on twitter at LoveAtBooktopia or Like her on facebook at RomanceAtBooktopia.

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