A Day with Abbi Glines

by |June 12, 2013

Hot footballers, coffee obsession and song-writing – all in a day’s work for bestselling author Abbi Glines

As you may have noticed from my recent review of Because of Low, I have just been introduced to the wonderful world of New Adult and, specifically, the work of Abbi Glines. Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasureabbi lunch table of meeting her, interviewing her (podcast to follow soon) and even dining with her. Below is a brief summation of what I learnt in our time together:

– Abbi Glines LOVES Friday Night Lights – but was not happy with the ending.

– Abbi writes REALLY fast – however, while writing, will completely shut herself away from the world and put in 18 hour days.

– Australian coffee by far trumps American coffee – to the point where Abbi will choose a cappuccino over dessertfriday-night-lights.

– Bathers’ Pavillion at Balmoral makes AMAZING food…

– Abbi is multi-talented – she wrote a completely lovely song for Rush and Blaire (from the Too Far series) and had it produced by the same man who was behind the soundtrack of a very successful vampire franchise…and yes, the song is available to buy now (listen below).

– Abbi’s Australian tour was brought about thanks to a campaign launched by her fans – gotta love an author who listens to her readers!lunch 2

– Do not have wine with lunch and expect your afternoon back at work to be easy – especially when you’ve been lulled by the dulcet tones of an Alabama accent.

Many thanks to Simon & Schuster for taking John and I out for lunch and to Abbi for spending the day with us!

Abbi Glines signing

Jealous? You can make yourself feel better by getting your hands on a signed copy of Because of LowJust For Now and/or While It Lasts – stock is limited, though, so hurry!

As a bookseller, Haylee Nash is unaccustomed to living high on the hog and thus very much appreciates being wined and dined by publishers, especially when in the fine company of bestselling authors. Publishers please note: all attempts at bribery are gratefully accepted.

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