Nikki Gemmell, author of I Take You, visits Booktopia

by |May 29, 2013

Last week Booktopia was lucky enough to have Nikki Gemmell in to chat about her latest novel I Take You and sign some copies for lucky customers. I Take You completes the trilogy of books that began with the worldwide bestseller The Bride Stripped Bare.

We also filmed a short video with Nikki, with our own John Purcell trying to think of an idea for the video and Nikki…..well…’ll have to watch it.

So pick up a copy today and you could score one signed by Nikki, stock is limited so hurry!

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I Take You

by Nikki Gemmell

Under her Chanel suit and designer lingerie, Connie Carven is no longer the typical banker’s wife. Since Cliff’s dreadful skiing accident Connie has become a willing submissive to her husband’s every desire.

While at first she enjoys a perverse sense of freedom within the ever-tightening bonds of her marriage, this dark and seductive passion consumes her entirely. She finds herself surrendering to an act that will forever remind her that she belongs to her husband alone – to be unlocked only by him, whenever he pleases.

But it is this that awakens Connie from her slumber. In the communal garden of her Notting Hill home, she meets Mel and discovers the thrill of true intimacy.

As the author of the bestselling phenomenonThe Bride Stripped Bare and the exquisite With My Body, Nikki Gemmell brought erotic writing into the 21st century; she now looks back to Lady Chatterley’s Lover for inspiration. D.H. Lawrence’s celebrated tale of desire is retold for today and the deliciously provocative I Take You is a modern love story, both earthily passionate and wickedly tantalising.

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Also in the series….

The Bride Stripped Bare

by Nikki Gemmell

An explosive novel of sex, secrecy and escape by an anonymous writer.

A woman disappears. Her car lies abandoned on a remote bluff; no body is found. She was the good wife, the good mother: mannerly, quiet, self-contained. But she has left behind an incendiary diary chronicling a disturbing journey of sexual awakening.

As the diary opens on her honeymoon in Morocco, she believes herself to be happy – or happy enough, anyway. Swiftly, this security masquerading as love fractures in an act of massive betrayal, only to propel her into a world of desire and fantasy and utter recklessness. What begins for her in the imagination ends in a tangle of sheets, in a drowning spiral of obsession and release. She finds an unlikely heroine to inspire her in a dusty, rare manuscript written by an anonymous woman in the 1600s, a cry from the heart for women to live and love freely. With this as guide, she dares to rupture convention, learning for the first time the intoxicating power of knowing what she wants and how to get it. The question is, how long can her soul sustain a perilous double life?

Coolly impassioned, The Bride Stripped Bare tells shocking truths about love and sex. These are the kind of revelations that best friends whisper to each other and then decide to forget they ever did so. Couched in a deceptively simple style, it will make you question whether it is ever entirely possible to know another person.

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With My Body

by Nikki Gemmell

Locked into an unending cycle of school runs, laundry and meal times, a wife despairs of ever finding a way through her family to her own identity. Even her husband, whom she loves, has never reached the core of her. In desperation, she flees her comfortable life to revisit an old love affair — an extremely passionate, transforming one. The consequences will be devastating, liberating and entirely unexpected …

Told in Nikki Gemmell′s distinctively lyrical style, this is beautiful, literary writing at its best. Exquisitely raw, emotional and bold, it is deeply resonant of the classic French erotic writings of Colette, Anaïs Nin and Marguerite Duras, but with a modern and provocative twist.

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