Voting has now closed for Australia’s Favourite Novelist

by |January 20, 2013

Give yourself a pat on the back Australia!

And….. stop!

Voting has now closed for Australia’s Favourite Novelist. Thanks to everyone who has voted, and a huge thanks to everyone who spread the word on twitter, facebook, email, word of mouth, airmail, message in a bottle or carrier tortoise. The reaction has been overwhelming and with so many votes in it proves again what we all know, that Australian readers are fantastic when it comes to supporting our Aussie writers.

We guarantee, there will be surprises in the Top 50.

So on midday Monday we’ll be revealing the first group of the Top 50, 50-41. Then midday on Tuesday it’ll be 40-31, right through to Friday where we’ll announce Australia’s Top 10 Favourite Aussie Novelists. We’ll also have lots of great deals on that day for the Australia Day weekend, and be launching our Australian Stories initiative which, well, we’re very very excited about. That’s all we can tell you.

So sit back and enjoy your Sunday, you earned it. Come back tomorrow and see the first countdown, exclusively here at Booktopia.

If you’re still hooked into Australian Awesomeness, then check out the results of our 2010 poll for Australia’s 50 must read novels. There’s some rippers in it. You can check it out here.

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