The Last Chance Saloon – Take these Novelists off the cusp and into the shortlist

by |January 12, 2013

We here at Booktopia are a democratic lot so we thought we’d give you one last chance to mold your shortlist, which you will be voting for all next week. We’ve taken the first 12 from every heat and these are the top 60 (see the list on the pad below) who will go straight through to the final round of voting. Congratulations to all!

Top 60

But this weekend we’re deciding which of the next, wonderful, fantastic, lot of novelists will get to the final 75. Here’s the list of 25 below, the top 15 will get through to the final poll which will run all week right here.

And one final thing that we must stress. You can select as many novelists as you like with your vote. So you can vote for every person, all 25 of them, or just vote for one. The choice is yours.

So without further delay, here is the 25 that must become 15. A terribly difficult task we know, but it must be done.

Happy voting!


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