Booktopia’s Biggest Sale Ever Finishes At Midnight Tonight

by |October 31, 2012

When I was younger, so much younger than today, I used to get books from my mother every Christmas, every birthday, for every good report card, for every selfless deed I performed. It was magical.

Sometimes I had only just turned into the kitchen and told her the good news when she would dash up the hallway and out would arrive a new Graeme Base, or a new Goosebumps book. I was astounded, and always wondered how she did it, what elves she had working for her, a veritable publishing house in her bedroom just for me.

Then one day as I was approaching teenhood I was late for a birthday party. Mum hurried me along and threw a coat on me and asked me where the present I was giving was. I replied she hadn’t given me a present to give (Not unlike the reply my father gives her at Christmas for us kids now).

So she scurried into her bedroom and grabbed the ladder and scaled to the top cupboard. There I saw it, shining like a golden star, and I would never be the same.

Hundreds of books filled the space, books on everything. There were cooking books, sporting books, music books. Books on space, on country living and city surviving. Not to mention fiction for the whole family, Spot books for nieces to Barbara Cartland for the great aunts.

She was a smart one. When she saw a deal she pillaged and conquered. And she was never caught off guard whatever the case may be.

Her stockpile still remains to this day, and come Christmas she is a very calm woman, smugly striding to that top cupboard year after year while others sit in queues on Christmas Eve.

So don’t forget everyone; it’s the last day of the Booktopia Clearance sale today.

Over 5000 titles at up to 95% off.

Classics from Hemingway, Dickens and McCarthy. Best-sellers from Clancy, Binchy, Shriver and Cussler

So click here to check out the sale page. The clock is ticking!

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