Caroline Baum: When I Go, My Books Go With Me

by |August 5, 2012

I’ve always wondered why Ikea didn’t make a bookcase that converts at the end of your life into a coffin. Well, now someone else has done it first, but I am sure it will not be long before Ikea comes up with a cheaper version which will have a suitably short, expletive kind of name like the things in their catalogues called Malm and Flytta and Adum.

On second thoughts, the Swedish for BOOK is BOK, and for BOOKCASE is BOKHYLLA, while the word for COFFIN is LIKKISTA. So what about a hybrid:BOKISTA?

Of course the book case itself may become something of a rarity in future houses, when we are all using e readers. I can’t imagine feeing the same about a house with no books in it, to me it would feel cold and bare and lacking personality, unless people use the space for art or some other expression of themselves.

What will happen in future crime thrillers on TV if detectives have to walk into a house and have no bookcases to scan for clues as to a person’s interests and identity? (Let me know what you think here – @mscarobaum)

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