Caroline Baum on Curses and Blessings for All Occasions by Bradley Trevor Greive

by |July 29, 2012

Caroline Baum: It might be a bit early to think about stocking fillers, but  make a note of this one, it will tickle the fancy of anyone irreverent and with a playful way with words. These elaborate, imaginative insults and good wishes (phrased to sound like the ancient sayings of a mystic or from a poorly translated fortune cookie) could be the start of a great new parlour game: try and make up you own to match the calibre of ‘may your singing cause pandas to ovulate’ and ‘may a bomber formation of incontinent geese fly over your sunroof’. 

Witty, warm, and engaging, in Curses and Blessings for All Occasions, Bradley Trevor Greive brings his trademark style to this humorously twisted book for all events, circumstances, and occasions.

BTG proudly presents his range of Curses and Blessings, a selection of potent and pithy utterances with which you can smite your enemies and heap praise upon the worthy.

May your yogurt be teeming with bacteria

International best-selling author Bradley Trevor Greive bestows this blessing on readers and many more in his newest gift book, Curses and Blessing For All Occasions. Mixed in are as many respectable curses for good measure. Witty, warm, and engaging, BTG brings his trademark style to this humorously twisted book for all events, circumstances, and occasions.

Blessings include:
* May your excuses for avoiding tedious social engagements always sound credible.
* May your blocked pores be licked clean by angels.
* May your corpse be museum worthy.

Curses include:
* May small dogs exploit all your insecurities.
* May a bomber formation of incontinent geese fly over your sunroof.
* May all dairy items in your fridge be of questionable vintage.

John Cleese: I have a great admiration for the way my good friend BTG has amassed vast piles of cash putting saccharine comments under photos of cute-looking animals. But now he has suddenly written something which is both witty and interesting. I suspect it will disappoint his usual readership. –

About the Author: Since the debut of his international best-seller The Blue Day Book, Bradley Trevor Greive’s books have sold more than 20 million copies in 115 countries. A former Australian paratrooper, BTG left the army to pursue more creative misadventures. Between qualifying as a cosmonaut for the Russian space program and writing he books, he currently lives in the US and is working as the Head of Imagineering at Disney.

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  • July 31, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    This looks like a great read, that is sure to liven up any argument, and provide some ‘blessings’ that have not been heard before. A great gift idea, which will bring many laughs!

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