Let’s Play: Fifty Shames of Earl Grey will tickle your fancy, your funny bone and your pickle

by |July 3, 2012

Inspired by the overnight million-copy bestseller 50 Shades of Grey comes Fanny Merkin’s shrewd, laugh-out-loud funny and romantic parody Fifty Shames of Earl Grey.

Young, rich, and handsome tycoon Earl Grey has a dirty secret. He brings Anna, a naive college student, past the tacky waterbed, strobe light, and blacklight posters inside his Room of Doom, into his twisted world of, well, mostly naughty dialogue and light spanking.

Anna is enthralled – after all, hes rich, and he has a habit of buying every company shes ever worked for (including Walmart) in an attempt to get close to her. But on the flipside, he’s a moody bastard whose fifty shames constantly threaten to overwhelm her.

Can Earl Grey and Anna ever have a normal life together?

Or will his dark desires and constant smirking drive her over the edge?

About the Author

Andrew Shaffer is a frequent Huffington Post contributor and creative director of the irreverent greeting card publisher Order of St. Nick.

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The parody brings to life all the arguments for and against 50 Shades, including the feminist concerns, portrayal of BDSM, roots in Twilight fan-fiction, and E.L. James’ writing style. Nor is contemporary culture safe- the parody lampoons everything from Brontes, to vodka-soaked tampons, to iPad’s ‘Words with Friends’. With a surprise twist at the end (Earl Grey is a sparkling vampire. Who knew?).

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