BREAKING NEWS: Will ‘Dial M for Murdoch’ be the Most Talked About Book This Year?

by |April 19, 2012

Dial M for Murdoch: News Corporation and the Corruption of Britain

Dial M for Murdoch gives the first connected account of the wrongdoing over the last decade at News International, and the extraordinary lengths to which its parent company, News Corporation, went to ‘put the problem in a box’ (in James Murdoch’s words), how its efforts to maintain and extend its power were aided by its political and police friends, and how it was finally exposed.

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From The Independent:

Dial M for Murdoch, by the Labour MP Tom Watson and The Independent journalist Martin Hickman, will hit bookshops on Thursday. Subtitled “News Corporation and the Corruption of Britain”, the 350-page hardback, published by Allen Lane, part of the Penguin group, will concentrate on how News Corp’s News International, publishers of the News of the World, Sun and Times, used its political influence to cover up illegal newsgathering techniques at its headquarters in Wapping.

Amid concern that News International’s newspapers would seek to damage its launch, the title and publication date of the hardback were kept a closely-guarded secret until yesterday. Only a handful of senior managers at Penguin’s headquarters were aware of its timing, and typesetters, who were still preparing the book for publication last week, signed confidentiality agreements.

The gap between the delivery of the final manuscript and publication is thought to be the shortest in Penguin’s 77-year history. Mr Watson, who led the questioning of Rupert and James Murdoch at the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee last summer, said he was “very excited to say we’ve finally finished the book”, adding: “I have a hunch it will be one of the most attacked books this year.” Read more…

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